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10 Reasons Why You Should Come to The Her Campus Table at Festival ISU

We want to meet you! This Thursday august 30th is Festival ISU and it’s your chance to join Her Campus ISU. I know what you’re thinking: “why should I join Her Campus?”. The answer is of course is because it is a great way to express yourself and add more excitement to your college experience! If you are still unsure about joining or visiting out table this Thursday, here are a few more reasons to come by and say hi or sign up!

1. Express Yourself

Her Campus lets anyone write about anything they want, there are absolutely no restrictions on what you can & can’t write about. We write about anything from the most trending movie on Netflix to what essentials you should always keep in your purse. The sky’s the limit!

2. We Get Sponsored

Almost every semester a brand will reach out and sends of boxes and boxes of free products. Come see it for yourself, at you table on Thursday we will have products from brands who have teamed up with us in the past!

3. Social Media and Blog Relevance

Everything we do is online, which means that we have a very big social media presence. If you are interested in social media or have a personal blog this is the best place to share your knowledge or practice out your blog pieces before you post them to your personal blog.

4. Leadership Opportunities

In Her Campus we have many exec position people can take on or if you think of a new role you think can aid the chapter it’ll be yours! Women being leaders is extremely important and we are looking to fill many positions this semester.

5. No Big Commitments

We are not a club that has strict rules or takes up a lot of your personal time. We meet twice a month and have a requirement of only 3 articles per month. In return for writing articles we give away goodies at every meeting!

6. More Experience

Since there are no big commitments in Her Campus this is the perfect club for anyone who needs more extra-curricular experience or wants to ease into joining a club on campus.

7. New Connections

Since there is no required major for this organization you will meet people who have had many different college experiences. That’s the joy of Her Campus you can meet people you normally would not meet and make new friends.

8. Apparel and Photoshoots

Every semester we create a piece of clothing that everyone votes on then we have a fun photo shoot chowing off every member.

9. Writing is Important

Within your college career you will have to write papers in some of your classes this keeps your writing skills in check. Since you’ll be writing about what you want writing will seem like less of a chore next time you have to write a paper.

10. You Have All to Give and Nothing to Lose

Her Campus is an amazing organization that gives women a chance to voice any opinions they have about anything they want. You are a creative person, and this will give you a chance for you to express yourself. We’d love to have you join the team!


Come see us and say hi or sign up this Thursday the 30th at festival ISU from 10-3. We will be directly in front of Old Union, look for the ladies in the gray shirts at the very pink table! See you soon! 



Samantha Cedano

Illinois State

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