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10 Reasons Why Shameless is Your Guilty Pleasure

Once someone starts Shameless they will forever be sucked into the lives of the Gallagher family. I’ve been there, you’ve been there, we’ve all been there.  There’s a reason why most of us are binge watching Shameless and its not for our own self-importance. The Gallagher’s are dysfunctional, psychotic and unrealistically great at scheming ways to make money. We all know they’re bad, but somehow we continue watching, hoping for this $h*+ show to get just a little bit better. Here are the 10 reasons why Shameless is your guilty pleasure.


You want Fiona to find love with someone who’s not a grade A douche.

First we have Jimmy, Fiona’s first love. Jimmy is the man who suddenly disappeared and then reappeared, from the very start we learn Fiona’s luck with guys was slim and almost always short-lived. Then after a couple rebounds and hook-ups we find Gus, the rock star who Fiona married and cheated on for Sean, the alleged crack addict. When will Fiona find true happiness? Will all of her relationships turn to ruin? We as the audience can’t help but wanting more.

To be fair, we all get where you’re coming from Fiona. Boys suck.


Frank will do just about anything to anyone for even just a sip of alcohol.

Frank, Frank, Frank. This man has seemingly started it all. His lack of parenting or attempts at fatherhood have caused him to be a giant pain in the @$$ for all of his children. His lack of moral, dignity and scheming nature are so intoxicating we can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen to Frank next. What devised plan will he do this episode to have enough money for crack while Fiona’s off paying the bills? Will he sleep in Carl’s room that night? The YMCA? will he be out in the woods? Or hitching the night at Shelia’s house? What can we say? You hate him, but you love him, and couldn’t imagine this show without him. Frank is always just so willing to sell out his family for his own pursuits. Secretly, we pretend we’re shocked every time he throws someone under the bus, but we knew all along what was coming. You’re always left wondering what Frank’s intentions truly are. Nothing for him comes without a price. This drunk, alcoholic father may be the burden of his entire family, but without him we wouldn’t have the Gallaghers. All of his kids for sure have daddy issues.


Lip. Enough said.

Everyone give me a moment to recoup. Okay. The hotness of Lip Gallagher is so real. Lip is the man we are all in love with and can’t stop mesmerizing over the fact that we want to be with him. He’s dark, he’s bad, and most importantly – he’s a freaking genius. His intelligence and intuition make him the most desirable for us all. The way he reinforces his rebel without a cause attitude and screw-it mentality, there’s no wonder why we want him on the next season’s Bachelor. Don’t get me wrong we love Ian, but he’s off the market for us ladies.


Kevin and V are somehow relationship goals.

They’re kooky and unconventional, but in this screwed up life they manage to have their lives somewhat together. Besides the fact that V’s mom was a surrogate for one of their children or that there now seems to be a love triangle formed with Svetlana, they are the “American Dream.” A husband, a wife, and two daughters who, like Kevin wishes, are going to be the next Venus and Serena Williams. They have struggles like every relationship, but always find their way back. We love V and Kevin together and hopefully it stays that way. That’s right I’m talking to you Showtime, keep them together forever.


Carl is the funniest.

Carl’s always doing something hilarious. We all love him for everything from his boyhood to his teen years. Carl says whatever he wants and every time he says anything, it’s golden. He joins a gang, pimps himself out and gets corn rolls. Think I’m kidding? I’m serious! Carl left Chukkie to fend for himself while he was the reason they both were sent to prison. He wouldn’t protect him! Poor Chukkie. His mother isn’t anywhere to be found half the time and everyone could care less about him. At least at the end of the day he’s fed right?  It sucks to be Chukkie. Back to Carl –  remember when he was selling guns around school because he made everyone think they needed protection? I’m telling you everything he does and says is pure gold. 


Those OH NO moments we don’t want to watch, but must.

You know exactly what I’m talking about and thus no further explanation is needed. Just always be prepared to say, “OH NO” when the next psychotic and idiotic thing you can’t help but not look away happens.


Things are always going from bad to worse.

Every situation goes from bad to worse in the matter of seconds. With the Gallagher’s the outrageous tends to get even more outrageous. Recall when Liam was given cocaine? He went to child services, Fiona was sent to prison, the Gallagher’s couldn’t pay rent and had eviction notices. To our benefit, maybe because of great writing, Shameless is a chaotic and long slippery slope with no end in sight. As long as we’re able to join them on the ride, keep this crazy coming.


Debbie… oh Debbie.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Debbie was irrelevant for most of the show until she started to date boys. It seems a little far ended for me to say, but think about it. She was always the care taker of Liam and babysitting when she could. We didn’t really care for much of what she had to say. Now she’s entering her teen years and experiencing womanhood. She’s also taken on this new role that makes us want to see more of what’s going to happen. I don’t want to spoil it for viewers still in the early seasons, but trust me you’re in for a treat.


That Kermit Guy?

Honestly, I don’t have much to say about these guys. They’re just always there at the bar.


Sex Scene After Sex Scene

That’s right, I said it! We’d like to think this isn’t why, but who are we kidding? I know your heart races a little when those come on. When they show sex scenes you’re so into it. I bet you secretly shift in your seat a little and then continue looking around to make sure no one else is close by. After all, you don’t want someone coming in and just assuming you’re into watching porn for everyone to see. This show is so raw and real. The truth is we love it because it never holds back. Shameless tells it like it is and really gets to the core of all our human needs and desires whether they are sexual, financial, family-oriented, morality, ethics, or educational. This show covers an array of issues we face as a society. More so, Shameless highlights the hard truth we individuals face everyday.

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