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10 Disney Characters We All Thought Were Hot

Admit it; you’ve been attracted to a cartoon character. It’s okay. We’ve all been there. Disney is guilty of creating some of the most attractive characters – outside and inside. Here’s our top 10.

10. Hercules from Hercules

How could you not love him? He’s a true hero with arms bigger than his head. He wears mandals. He is a Greek GOD.

9. Shang from Mulan

Shang has a soft side that took a while to see, but everyone fell in love as soon as it showed. He works hard, is shirtless for half the movie, and is overall attractive.

8. David from Lilo and Stitch

He was adorable. Everyone loves a guy who’s good with little siblings… and their pets. Plus he surfs and spins fire.

7. Milo from Atlantis

Milo was that really cute nerd that everyone loves. So intelligent. So passionate. He was also made about 10x more attractive when Cole Sprouse dressed as him for Halloween.

6. Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid

Look at those blue eyes, that low V cut shirt. Plus he was beyond cute whenever he played with his dog, Max.

5. Simba from Lion King

Don’t even try to deny that Simba was truly a work of art. That mane, that smile… Pretty attractive for a lion.

4. Naveen from The Princess & The Frog

Although he still makes a cute frog, Naveen is really good-looking when human. He becomes a total sweetheart and grows on everyone.

3. Tarzan

He’s able to carry Jane all the way through the jungle and the stories of his childhood are enough to make anyone tear up immediately.

2. Eugene “Flynn Rider” from Tangled

First of all, his name is Eugene, and that’s just adorable. But he has that smolder and he knows he’s hot. He’s got it all going for him.

1. Aladdin

An absolute classic. He could make all the girls swoon with his long hair and signature purple vest. Plus, the way he talked about Jasmine was everyone’s boyfriend goals.

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