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10 Apartment Necessities

Growing up, you never thought about needing certain things because our parents seemed to have everything needed. Whether you are moving into your first apartment or you live in one already, there are some basic things that may be needed in an apartment that you might not think about. 


Step Stool

You never know when you might need to reach a light or into a cabinet!

Tool Kit

For some reason, I never thought I would need one of these, but we need screwdrivers and hammers more often then we think.

First Aid Kit 

Honestly, do I need to say more? Accidents always happen!

Toilet Plunger


Can Opener / Cork

You can’t imagine the look on my face when I bough chicken noddle soup in a can and went to go make it that night and realized I couldn’t open it.

Ice Cube Tray

Ice is such a necessity in my apartment. We don’t use bottled water because we love the planet in this household, so we drink from the tap. Cold iced water is SUPERIOR if you ask me.

Crock Pot / Air Fryer 

If you have never cooked bacon in an air fryer, you are missing out. The taste is incredible. 

Swiffer Sweeper / Vaccum



This is something I always neglected to keep around my apartment and would struggle when I needed a battery or two. 

Cutting Board

Cutting things on a counter is not good for the surface, so get a cheap cutting board to keep your ingredients from getting everywhere and scratching the surface. 

When I moved into my first apartment, I totally forgot half of those things on the list above. There are so many small things that freshly new apartment owners may need, but I was able to list a fraction. 

Stay safe and wear your mask. 

Lot’s of Love,


Jessica Hogeboom

Illinois State '22

ISU 2022 | Elementary Education Follow me on Instagram : @jesshogeboom
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