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Why is a podcast great? Three reasons why you should use a podcast in your daily life

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ICU (Japan) chapter.

what is a podcast

A podcast is the preparation and distribution of a series of audio files recorded with a particular topic and theme. Most podcasts are available for streaming or downloading on various podcast platforms via the internet.

differences with the radio

A radio is a historical audio media similar to a podcast. It is usually broadcasted at a set hour at regular times. People tend to listen to the content on a radio program passively compared to a podcast.


Since RSS(Really Simple Syndication) was developed, the service of podcasts started in 2004. The podcast was a word combining “iPod” and “broadcast.

Below are three benefits on why you should use a podcast in your day to day life.

1. The Variety of Contents

There is a lot of content whatever you want, like language learning, news, and hobbies. For those who do not have a TV in their home, it is going to be a good way to know what is happening in society. Compared to SNS, listening to a podcast is an active way to stay in touch with information. This variety of content might let you know something new and interesting.

2. Good Use of Time

For those who are busy but want to acquire a new language, it may be a solution to use their limited time effectively because they can study on their way home hands-free. 

In addition, during cooking, running, and taking your dog walk, listening to podcasts can make your time management more meaningful and worthwhile.

3. Fee-Free

Some podcasts can be used for free on Apple podcasts and Spotify. While university students want to improve their skills such as presentation skills, creativity, and catching up with the information in the world, they have a lot to do, not only study but also club activity, travel with friends, and so on. Podcast offers you the opportunity to learn those kinds of things for free.

My Recommendations for podcasts:

Anything goes with Emma chamberlain 

Emma records the podcast on her bed and talks about her own thoughts on various topics.Her talking is very attractive and funny. To touch her way of thinking is worth to reflect yourself.

A scope リベラルアーツで世界を視る目が変わる by Ryunosuke Fukai

Ryunosuke Fukai is a Japanese businessman and the CEO of a database company. He invites guests, who are usually professors, to this program. They discussed the professor’s topic from various perspectives. It can be an introduction to the academic world and the opportunity to make your interests wider. 

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