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Why I started Sewing as a Hobby* no need to buy a sewing machine!

During quarantine, people start doing something new. Same here, but I actually re-started my hobby, which is "sewing". Since I was in fifth grade and watched an excellent morning drama "Carnation (カーネーション)," in which one girl starts her own business by sewing tons of clothes, I have been interested in sewing. But, because my mum was not a sewing person there's no sewing machine at my house. So, I ended up trying just hand-sewing, which was super boring to me at that time. But, suddenly my passion for sewing got aroused after watching "sewing bee" which is also a really good program!

So, this article introduces what I, who hasn't even touched sewing after graduation from high school, could already make mostly by hand-sewing and a little bit with a sewing machine.

Urgent Needs: MASK

What do we need to bring when we go outside in 2021? Purse, phone, lipstick, and the most important yet annoying, the mask. Needless to say, we're all getting a little tired from wearing around the uncomfortable masks all day and if there were a way, we'd all want to wear a cute, fashionable mask to feel happy, right? So, why don't we start making the cutest custom masks by ourselves? As a matter of fact, doing so doesn't even need a sewing machine and it would take around 30 minutes by hand-sewing. 

Wendy introduces this mask pattern in her youtube video and shares DIY tips for a fashionable mask! If you're Japanese, maybe you can look up some Japanese YouTubers' mask-sewing tutorials!

Cute Scrunchies Don't Hurt!

I've always thought that scrunchies were sort of juvenile, but many girls proved me wrong. Using scrunchies (not the normal, simple black ones) has the same effect as wearing pieces of jewelry like earrings or necklaces. Angelica introduces three different types of scrunchies which, I assure you all, are super cute! And again, all of her techniques don't require a sewing machine so, you can get started whenever you want! 

Want to Make Actual Clothes? ... Start With "Cloning"

Once you've gotten accustomed to using needles and threads, it's time to make actual clothes. But, what do we need to do first?

First and foremost, make patterns! Understanding your perfect fit and style is a really important step you can't miss. But it is difficult to measure your body by yourself and it can be tiring at times as well. So, by using your clothes that already fit comfortably (a T-shirt is best for beginners), you can clone your perfect fit. Wendy also introduces how to clone clothes on her youtube channel. Let's start sewing!

Just a needle and a thread can open a wonderfully creative world with tons of patterns and garments. Maybe that is why so many people are attracted to sewing! It is clearly no longer just a hobby for the elderly. Now, it's there for all of us too!

Yukiko Takei

ICU Japan '22

Hi, I am Yukiko and am currently studying at the University of Gothenburg as exchange student remotely, majoring in public policy.
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