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Where to buy bigger-sized shoes in Tokyo

If your shoe size is over 25 in the Japanese measurement or 8 in the US, you might have a hard time finding shoes in stores. I had a tough time since my shoe size is 26(JP) or 9(US), which I think is not that big in the international standard. So, here are four stores you can shop at without worrying whether they carry your size.

  1. “Ginza Washington”  

In this store, you can find high-quality shoes from jp size 25 to 27, U.S. size 8 to 10. In this store, you can find high-quality shoes from JP size 25 to 27, US size 8 to 10. The price range is around ¥13000~¥25000, and they offer excellent services like professional fitting service, adjustment with wooden patterns, and free maintenance. They also have various imported shoes from Europe. If you want to enjoy high-quality shoes for the long term, this is the best store for you to shop. 

  1. Oriental Traffic

This brand carries JP sizes 22 to 26, US size 5 to 9. Overall, the price range is affordable and has a variety of trendy designs. However, the shoe width is narrow, so if you have a wide foot, you might have a hard time finding the right fitting shoes.  

  1. Randa

This store offers SS to 3L, equal to JP size 21 to 26.5, US size 4 to 9.5. Most shoes are under ¥10000, and are often made of artificial leather. They have stores across Tokyo, so it’s easy to find the nearest ones from you. 

  1. 8 by YOOX

Lastly, there is an online store called YOOX that has amazing shoe collections. The shoe size they offer differs for each shoe, but one of my favorite from YOOX is a ballet flat. It runs from JP size 22 to 28, US size 5 to 11, and is made in Italy. I wear this almost every day in different colors, and it still keeps its original state. You can exchange your size after trying it on, and it’s free, but shipping costs ¥2200. However, they often offer free shipping campaigns, so I suggest you wait for it. 

I hope this list helped fellow shoe refugees to enjoy shoe shopping! Still, in Japan, stores that carry my size 26(JP) are limited, and I hope that I can shop anywhere without checking the size one day.

Ruka Saito

ICU Japan '24

Ruka Saito is a Sophomore studying business at International Christian University in Tokyo, Japan. In her spare time she enjoys baking, calligraphy and exploring nice coffee shops in Tokyo.
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