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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ICU (Japan) chapter.

Even though it is difficult for lots of students to go to school physically right now, one day our usual university life will be back! Until then, maybe it would be fun to see what is (or was) in our writer’s bags when they go to ICU. So here’s a short article including seven lovely writers’ “what’s in my bag” for ICU.


Since I live on campus, I only take necessary items to class. On a regular day though, here is what I have in my bag. The most important things in my bag would be my Macbook for taking notes, my water bottle to stay hydrated, and of course, my wallet so that I can buy a snack or a drink in between long classes. And the second most important thing in my bag would be my little pouch with my essential small items. I always have my mints, a brush, sanitary items, hand cream, and alcohol gel when I’m on the go. Lastly, I like to keep my Omamori (a Japanese lucky charm) to keep me and my belongings protected.


I live on campus like Lisa, so sometimes I only take my laptop with me. However, when I am studying at the cafeteria or have classes all day, here is what I have in my bag. The most important things in my bag would be my iPhone and Macbook Air for taking notes and work on my assignments. Secondly, I always carry my essential small items. Inside of my little pouch, I have my lip balm, concealer, hand cream, pen, a tissue packet, and sanitary items. Besides these, I usually take my earphones, water bottle, chargers, diary, bike keys, and hand sanitizer spray to protect myself from COVID-19! 


This bag is made in England and is a two-way bag that works as a shoulder and handbag. I chose this bag because I don’t want to have the same bag as other people. My favorite piece in my bag is my tumbler which I bought in the New York Starbucks store. Having it with me reminds me of my unforgettable memories with my friends in NY!


The bag I use for school is a two-way bag, similar to Yukiko’s. There are many pockets inside so it’s easy to stay organized. I hate having loose items rolling around in my bag so I use mini bags to store them all. There are two items I recommend that you have in your school bag: a portable phone charger and perfume. The reason why I recommend carrying around perfume is that I personally like to link scent with what I’m studying. I know it sounds strange but when I use a certain scent during class and I smell it again afterward, it’s easier to remember what I learned. I also just like wearing perfumes and body scents which is why I carry around a small bottle with my lipsticks in the IKEA bag.


I live on campus, so whenever I go to class, I try to keep the contents of my bag fairly minimal. Of course, my items do change day-to-day depending on the classes I attend, but these are some of the basics I never leave my dorm without. 

Although everything on ICU’s campus is within walking distance, I always make sure to keep my bike key on me in case I need to get around faster. Entering the library requires a student ID card, so having that in my wallet is a must. I do my best to charge my laptop the night before, but sometimes I need a little extra boost between classes so I always pack my charger. Sometimes I want a break from reading materials for class, so I also carry around something fun to read. Lastly, I have a little pouch with all the essentials: period products, hand sanitizer, hand cream, and lip balm. 


Although I always like to carry as few things as possible, these are the things that I take with me to the campus. I use a white leather tote bag from Lauren. I recently started to use an iPad instead of the ELA reader because it is too bulky and heavy. And I always carry battery chargers because I take online classes all day long with my iPad and Mac. I try to use a tumbler to avoid buying plastic bottles. I bought this tumbler (lower-left) at Starbucks in Korea, which is my favorite! Also, a leather PC case for my Mac is my most favorite item! I made this case by myself with my section-mate, Asuka’s grandfather. It’s so cool, isn’t it?  

Lately, I’ve added hand wipes, some masks, and a hand sanitizer to my carry-list because of the pandemic. Let us all be careful of the coronavirus so we all can come to the ICU campus someday.


This is my favorite school bag that I’ve been using since high school because I embroidered the flowers surrounding the Fjallraven logo myself. Inside my bag, I like to carry only my essentials. My laptop, iPad, and wireless earphones are the most important since most of my classes are online. And I also have my kindle, since I love reading novels in my free time. Inside my white pouch, I always have scrunchies, a mirror, lipstick, hand cream, concealer, and a pen, just in case. Well, lipsticks aren’t necessary for me these days since I have my mask on all the time, but it was essential before the pandemic to bring a little color to my lips.

Anna Ostrowski

ICU (Japan) '22

Originally from California, Anna is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology at International Christian University in Tokyo. In her free time she enjoys dancing, drawing, and reading.
Kanako Shimizu

ICU (Japan) '23

Hi, I'm Kanako. I'm studying at International Christian University.
Ayaka Kuroki

ICU (Japan) '22

Hi! I am Ayaka and am currently a senior at International Christian University, majoring in sociology. I was born in Japan, grew up in Singapore, Taiwan, and UAE-Dubai. I simply love nature, traveling, eating, and singing.
Lisa Ichioka

ICU (Japan) '22

Lisa, the head of the Her Campus chapter at the International Christian University, is currently a sophomore studying business. Being a third-culture kid, she enjoys eating and making foreign cuisines. In her free time she is probably calling her friends overseas, listening to music, watching funny videos, or cleaning her room.
Yukiko Takei

ICU (Japan) '22

Hi, I am Yukiko and am currently studying at the University of Gothenburg as exchange student remotely, majoring in public policy.
Yuno Yamamoto

ICU (Japan) '24

Currently studying at ICU. Enjoys reading, watching films/TV series on NETFLIX, listening to music, and drawing. Also enjoys going to art museums and collecting picture frames.
Satomi Hayashi

ICU (Japan) '22

Hey, I'm Satomi Hayashi, apart of Her Campus ICU Japan! I hope to have fun writing and working with fellow Her Campus members!!
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