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What Our Team is Listening To: Songs of Spring

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ICU (Japan) chapter.

The human world is in peril. With social distancing becoming the new normal, it can be stressful to think that an unseen force might forever change our lives. But there’s comfort in knowing that the world outside is unphased by these challenges we’re facing—the cherry blossoms still bloom in pale pink clusters, and the birds still sing among their branches. 

It might be hard to feel the change in seasons when you’re stuck indoors, but in times of hardship, we turn to music. I’ve reached out to our Her Campus ICU team to find out what our members have been listening to this spring. Here are just a few of our “Songs of Spring” to lift you up and out of your quarantine blues!


You Can’t Hurry Love – The Supremes

This is one of those songs everyone has probably heard—and for a good reason! It’s a Motown classic with rhythmic tambourine that’ll get you up and moving. The Supremes capture the giddy impatience of longing for love—a feeling similar to the excitement ushered in by the change in seasons.

Absolutely Smitten – dodie

Speaking of giddy, bouncy, springtime songs, our writer Kisaki’s pick falls right into that category. Dodie is a young singer-songwriter from the UK who has been writing and performing music since she was just 16. Kisaki chose this track as her Song of Spring because “[I] just thought it sounds kinda spring-y.” While that description might be a bit difficult to grasp, she elaborates further: “Imagine you enter a classroom for the first class of the term to find your crush in the room? Got butterflies in your stomach? This song’s for you.”

Stupid Love – Lady Gaga

“It’s got a very energetic melody that is dragging me out of winter and into spring,” our writer Freya says about her song of choice by Lady Gaga. Following her 2016 country-pop album “Joanne,” Gaga’s latest single “Stupid Love” harkens back to her earlier dance-pop days with its infectious electronic beat. “I also like that the lyrics are all about letting go. I’ve been listening to it every day, so it’s now ingrained as my song of spring.” 


Our Social Media Director, Satomi’s Song of Spring is yet another upbeat dance track! “WANNABE” couples its message of self-love with a killer electro-pop sound. “Reminding yourself to be “me” is important, especially during this time of the year because Spring is thought of as a new beginning in Japan. It’s easy to forget yourself or pretend to be someone you’re not when you’re in a new environment.” 

Like This – Jake Scott

Jake Scott’s soft pop track “Like This” is marketing team member Akira’s song of the season. “I don’t know if this reason is legit enough, but its album cover is a sunflower, and I associate them with spring. The tempo of the song is pop-y and feels like spring too.” This mellow pop beat would be perfect for a springtime bike ride.  

What Am I – Why Don’t We

This song by American boy band Why Don’t We is reminiscent of old school One Direction. Our writer Yukiko’s reason for choosing “What Am I” as her song of spring is sweet as nectar: it was the perfect song she stumbled upon on Instagram for a video she wanted to make with her boyfriend! 

Yellow Hearts – Ant Saunders feat. Audrey Mika

Would it be a Spring 2020 playlist without a TikTok song? HCICU’s resident TikTok fanatic, Lisa’s song of choice is “Yellow Hearts” by Ant Saunders featuring Audrey Mika. Both singers are making waves in the DIY music scene, gaining massive followings on social media. “I chose this song as my ‘Song of Spring’ because it has this fun beat and, on top of that, an element of freshness—two artists coming together through social media.”

Marigolds – Early Eyes

I can’t say enough good things about “Marigolds,” the latest release of Minneapolis based indie band Early Eyes. The song is all about learning to express gratitude toward the everyday things that have lost their luster. This funky feel-good track is bound to put a spring in your step!

Don’t Worry Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin 

Team Member Shiori’s pick is the ‘oldie but goodie’ we need in uncertain times like this. “The mood of the song is very light and bright and perfect for spring! I also found this song during the spring of my high school year abroad, and I have memories of listening to it before school every day.” It’s good to remember the importance of keeping your head up and staying positive this spring!

This playlist might sound like a hodgepodge of different genres, but what struck me while writing this article was how overwhelmingly positive each of our songs were. The spirit of spring, new beginnings, and hope shine through despite the uncertain times we are experiencing. To listen to more of our “Songs of Spring,” be sure to check out our playlist on Spotify!



Sarah Ishikawa

ICU (Japan) '21

Sarah Ishikawa is currently serving as Editor in Chief and Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at ICU Japan. She is a senior studying English and American literature. On her days off you'll probably find her at a museum, coffee shop, or just at home getting things done.