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The Meaning of Possessing the Music in the 21st century

In the age of digitalization, it has become more natural especially for our young generation to listen to music via the music streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube. Indeed, why not music should be heard easily by downloading with just one click of a button in the form of an MP3 file, as more portable one can wish for? This is the age where we now do not necessarily have to go to the theater to watch new films and select our own choice of media we would like to enjoy. So why not about the music as well?

True, I do not like to deny myself the convenience the technology has brought to us in our lives; more often than not, I click on Netflix and scroll down a long list of shows, dramas, and films to find if there are any new upcoming I can watch sooner or later and repeatedly stream some of the favorite tracks of my artists. But still, I would like to recommend and suggest the type of listening of the music not in a formless way but in a meaningful way where listeners can trace back a piece of memories inscribed in the music. 

The meaning of possessing the music in whatever tangible form like CDs or Vinyl has to do with the experience and efforts one has accrued and done to gain the music he or she wished to listen to. Just like you have studied hard for countless hours in order to receive the grade you desire and worked a part-time job in a restaurant to accumulate the expenses for the trip with your friends, the money you spent on the CDs or Vinyl of the music leaves the trace of emotions and efforts you put in to acquire the music that you want to hear. I still remember myself saving my monthly allowances received from my parents to buy the albums of my favorite rock band expecting the excitement and pleasure to listen to their whole tracks being played aloud filling my room into the melodies and lyrics of their philosophy of life and values. This kind of memory you have for certain music will for a long time remain and reside in your heart which is an incomparable length of time to that of the way how fast and sudden a new released single of the artist in the market is consumed quickly, swept away, ultimately replaced again and again by another single track. Why not, before the year of 2021 ends, purchase the music album in whatever form you would like to reminisce and collect your precious memories?

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Younkyung Jeon

ICU Japan '24

Hi, I'm Younkyung Jeon from South Korea currently studying at International Christian University.
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