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Hi, everyone! I reached out to one of the HCICU members about wanting to share a little story I wrote years ago. Reading back to it now, I realize how much I struggled with in school and mentally. I am so glad that I got to share my struggles with my English teacher in middle school but I always wished for something extraordinary to happen and fix all my problems. I wrote the following story in a competition, which I did NOT win, but this wasn’t a story. Though the beginning might have been the truth, the ending is something my innocent brain thought of back then. Please enjoy!

The smell of coffee sprung towards me, as I opened the door of the coffee shop. It was the first time I ever came here, All the people were seated, patiently waiting for their orders. I walked towards the last seat and laid my purse on the counter. Right after the waiter, who was wearing a white shirt and a black vest and jeans came I placed my order. 

“One grilled chicken sandwich and one strong milk coffee with three teaspoons of sugar”, I said. “Take out”

I have a strong feeling that I forgot to introduce myself to you. Well, I go with Justice, Justice McGwire. I have one socially addicted and sophisticated sister, Jaclyn McGwire. Two younger, yet smarter than me brothers, Jason, and Joe McGwire. Who I rarely talk to and about. 

“Your order’s ready mam” called out the waiter in a polite tone.

I headed towards my “Home Sweet Home” when I suddenly bumped into this, tall, mean girl.

“What is wrong with you?”, she yelled.

“I am sorry….But it’s your fault equally”.

“You don’t even know who I am. that’s the problem with you newcomers.”

“How do you…”

“It’s on your ugly face.” she slammed it on my face and walked, rather “cat walked” away.

Oh my God! She was so mean. Puh-lease, it was all her fault. She was the one walking all over the path and bumps right into me. Anyways when I reached home, I tried taking the incident out of my mind and focused on my new school. High School.

Long Lake High School, sounds a bit boring, but all my cousins who live here say it’s a pretty high-rated school. It has just been two weeks since I got here and school starts tomorrow.


Okay, so I am wearing this black leather jacket with a purple t-shirt and my pink jeans. Just so you know I missed my bus on the first day of school! And I am pretty sure you have no clue of the level of uncomfort you have when the principal walks right into your face and is like “Good Morning! How was your summer? Aren’t you new here?” As always I was smart enough to say yes, smile, and walk away. Everyone was staring at me as if I was an Alien, who just crashed into her UFO.


“OMG! It’s you again! You need to stop bumping into people to get their attention!” 

I can’t believe it’s her AGAIN! Maybe I just have bad luck. why does the person who I bumped into and was rude to, has to be the “most popular” girl in my school.  Ugh! I just feel like running home and shove my face in my pillow, and scream!

Anyways, I have ways to handle these sorts of situations. I just gave her “that look”. Loser!

Just so you know, I had a great day. The so-called “Shelby” got pissed off at me because I got along with people more than her. She thinks she is popular, but she is NOT!


It’s been three months since I have been going to high school here. For an unwilling, though very exciting situations have accorded in between me and Shelby. Her so-called “right hands”, Sarah and Annie were now my best friends. 


Finally, it’s homecoming and I can’t believe I am going out with the most “wanted” guy at school. I am all dressed up in my violet, cinderella-ish dress. Poor Shelby! Even though she came in a better dress than me, she came alone. And I can bet that the fact I was the most noticed girl that night, she got it real jealous. Despite such excitement, I felt guilty and sad for Shelby. When, after the party, everyone was walking to their cars, Shelby’s dress tore. I know that this was one chance for me to let her down and make her feel ashamed, but instead, I am sorry for her. Everyone was laughing their hearts out. Perhaps, I was the only one who could feel and see tears rolling off of her cheeks.


After one long, relaxing weekend it was time to go to school again. Everyone was talking about me being so beautiful at homecoming. But, you will never believe, Shelby didn’t show up. Two weeks…Three weeks…Four weeks passed and Shelby didn’t show up. So I decided to go to her house and handle the situation myself. Her house was in this “our-dads-are-rich-so-we-have-big-houses” area. but the closer I came to Shelby’s house the more death seemed closer. For some reason, Shelby’s house was mostly dark-colored and all the windows had just one same boring pattern.

I ringed the bell and down came a very tall and dynamic personality woman, who ought to be Shelby’s mom. I told her I was Shelby’s…..A friend and wanted to see her. I think she thought that I was her “best friend” and started sharing everything that has happened in the past few days, or shall I say months.

She explained how Shelby had fallen into a deep depression after the party, her parents getting a divorce and how none of her friends didn’t talk to her anymore. She had also gone on drugs. You’ve got to be kidding me, I feel like the most ashamed person on this planet. I can’t understand why I hated Shelby so much just for bumping into me.  Shelby had gone through so much, guess because of who, ME!


On Saturday, I again went to meet her. This time I called up Ms. Jackson and told her I was visiting. So, this time she had cookies and milk waiting for me. Just like the last time I asked her if I could meet Shelby.

“Sure you can. Shelby! come downstairs, look who has come to meet. It’s Justice.”

“Tell her to leave. I don’t want to meet her.” Shelby said from the stairs. She appeared slowly to the site, as I mentioned before small, same patterned windows, don’t get in enough sunlight. To me, she appeared pretty untidy and since her makeup was smeared all over her face, it made her look like a ghost. She squinted at me as if she were to pull out a knife and stab me to death. 

But being brave, I walked up to her and asked her if she was willing to talk to me. 

“Aren’t you supposed to tell me what to do? Apparently, you are the most “popular” girl at school. And that reminds me, you are to get out if you are here to talk about school or anything that happened at homecoming.” Shelby said.

“Shelby stops you from being so unpleasant to everyone who comes to help you get out of this…… ” Ms. Jackson said, halfway when she started to cry. Mothers will be mothers.

“Mom, you have to stay out of me and my so-called “best friends” conversation.” Shelby disrespectfully answered. 

“Shelby I am sorry for everything. I never meant to hurt you, never.” I am pretty sure you figured out who just uttered these words. I re-explained to her everything I never meant to do. Like, take away her popularity, attitude, friends, style, and most of all her life. 

I never know I have such a great impression on Shelby, that tears rolled off her cheeks as she heard me say this and then unexpectedly hugs me.

Do you know how that feels? Awesome!

I told her she could call me anytime when she needs and she needs to show up at school. There was an awkward silence.

“So I am coming to pick you up Monday morning!” I put in, breaking the silence.

“No, I don’t think I can pull it off that well, after all, that,” she said.

I just gave her the shrug and said “It doesn’t matter what the people say.”


First day for Shelby and the fifth week for me. Everyone stared the guts out of Shelby. I told Shelby and everyone to be normal to one another.


Half the day passed and no one had said anything to say to Shelby. And no one did the other half either.  Everyone made friends with Shelby. At the end of the day, I  walked up to her and said,

“Hey Shelby, do you mind if I talked to you for a while?”

“No problem, girlfriend!”

Girlfriend? Shelby? Didn’t see that one coming. 

“Well, I was going to ask you if we could be the “calling each other girlfriend” friends?

“Are you kidding me Justice? You didn’t need to ask. Just should’ve started calling me girlfriend!” Shelby said.

She raised her hand and I high-fived her the way girlfriends do.


Now, it’s been more than a month since Shelby’s back to normal. Drug-free, friendly, stylish, and full of that attitude. she is famous too. But ever since we became “girlfriends”, we promised each other that we will never let the fact of popularity come between a great friendship!

“It’s all about being what you are!”

Articles anonymously written by HCICU Contributors. 
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