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Niall Horan on tour in tokyo
Niall Horan on tour in tokyo
Original photo by Ayana Hatanaka
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Seeing Niall Horan in Tokyo!

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ICU (Japan) chapter.

This past week, I was lucky enough to witness the one and only, Niall Horan, at Tokyo Garden Theatre, on his “The Show Live on Tour”.The name derives from his newest album The Show, released in 2023. As suggested by the title, his tour concept is “The Show”! 

Niall started his tour earlier this year, from his hometown Ireland and ended his Asia leg of the tour in Tokyo. This tour has been gaining attention as Niall is changing his setlist for every show. Fans are excited to see what song they are getting at their own show! I was, of course, excited and super hyped to find out what songs he was singing! 

I arrived at the venue around 4, and it was surrounded by passionate fans, who were already wearing Niall’s tour merch, waving Ireland flags, and having creative signs for Niall! 

Everyone was taking pictures with a huge Niall poster in front of the venue, blasting some of his songs and getting ready to see Niall. On top of this wonderful atmosphere, one of the most exciting things was the pre-show setlist! Niall added songs such as Dancing Queen, getting us ready for the show. 

Once the clock hit 7, the concert started with a clip saying “Welcome To the Show, starring Niall Horan” and the names of other band members. 

Niall comes out with the song “Nice to Meet ya,” greeting us with such a welcoming song. The next song was a mashup of “Edge of Seventeen” and “Small Talk,” giving very rockstar vibes! After a few more songs, Niall moved on to the acoustic part of the concert, where he sang “Dear Patience” and  “This Town,” complimenting the Japanese fans on how quiet we were. Quoting Niall, “I love performing here because you guys actually listen!”

One song that the crowd went wild to was “Night Changes” by One Direction. This was the one moment I felt how united we are as a fandom. Everyone was screaming the lyrics, and probably reminiscing about the One Direction era and seeing how Niall had all grown up. For the Directioners, it was such a special moment for us. 

Photo by Christian Tierney

Throughout the show, we could see Niall interacting with fans, by doing finger guns or reading the signs that fans brought for Niall! The cutest moment was when he asked a 3-year-old to take a picture with him!

The concert was such a nice mix with Niall’s admirable mesmerizing singing, but also comedic and cute moments, allowing us to see a glimpse of his personality in real life.If Niall ever comes back to tour in Japan again, I definitely recommend going to his concert!

Ayana Hatanaka

ICU (Japan) '26

Hi! I'm Ayana, currently studying in ICU! I love music and going to concerts!