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My Plans for My Last Year in University

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ICU (Japan) chapter.



Finals are coming to an end, and so is the school year. After a month of spring break, I will be starting my last year of university, and most possibly my last year as a student. Starting from elementary school, I have been a student for 15 years, and to think that these student years will end in a year is quite emotional for me. Since half of my junior year did not go as planned because of COVID, I am excited to make the best out of this last year. So, here are some ideas of things we can do before graduating!

Try Out New Fields of Study

I am an Anthropology major, and most of the classes I have taken are from Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology. Since I was so into Anthropology and was too busy trying to complete my graduation requirements, I did not take the chance to try out classes from totally different areas of study. I have finished taking credits for my graduation requirements and I have lots of time, so this will be a great chance for me to study something new! It might also help me get inspiration for my senior thesis. This way, I’ll be able to keep myself motivated and decently busy throughout my last year in university. Besides, it will probably be hard to study something once you start working or have a family, so having the time and resources to study is a big privilege as a university student. Plus, it’s always exciting to learn something new.

Do All the “Student-like” Things

There are many things that you can only do as a student. For example, I am thinking of joining a new club or organization. There are club activities outside of school as well, but having lots of time and being able to passionately engage in something is a special experience a person can have as a student. After graduating, you might get busy and have not enough time to use for your passion. So, joining a new community, meeting new people, and being active is another way I want to spend my last year in university. 

Spend Quality Time on Campus

This may be restricted to an ICU student only, but I want to cherish the beautiful environment of the ICU campus. ICU is famous for its green and natural campus, and I am definitely going to miss this, especially since I live on campus. Last year, because of the state of emergency, I had to move out of my dormitory by the end of March, and I did not have the chance to enjoy the cherry blossoms by the entrance of our campus. Therefore, my first quality time will start by enjoying the cherry blossoms and taking pictures in front of it with my friends. I also definitely have to go chill on bakayama and go stargazing on summer nights. Hopefully, if it snows next winter, I am going to go make a snowman and sleigh down bakayama as well! Being a student is the only way I can fully appreciate this environment, so I will enjoy it the best I can while I have the chance!



These are just three of the many things I plan to accomplish during my last year in university. I’m sure that each student is in a different situation, and the circumstances vary as well, but I hope this helped some of you to think about how to spend the coming school year! 

Jun Fujii

ICU (Japan) '22

Hi! I'm Jun Fujii, studying anthropology at International Christian University. I love eating, dancing, and walking outside in the sun!
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