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Must-Have Summer Makeup in Japan

Hey readers! We’re kicking off BEAUTY week and I hope you’re all excited! 


Beauty is subjective. There are so many ways to interpret it and the features people admire can be totally different. For our HCICU summer writing relay, we’ll be focusing on beauty both on the outside and on the inside! I’m going to share four go-to products that I’ve been using since spring. 


“Since spring?” Yes, I’ve been doing my makeup during quarantine. 


When quarantine first started, I was super lazy, not getting fully ready for classes. I know that getting dolled up may be the last thing on your mind right now, but sometimes getting ready can lift your spirits! I’ve started doing my makeup again because it feels more productive and I feel prepared for the day! So today I’ll be sharing makeup products that I’ve been loving and would recommend to my friends if we had school. 


Before I get into talking about each product, let me share my skin type and what kind of looks I like to do!


First, I have very oily skin which is not a great combo with the humidity in Japan. I tend to get shiny after a few hours and will be incredibly shiny if I’m outside. My makeup slides off my face because of my oiliness and because we’re all wearing masks, my foundation tends to rub off especially around the nose and cheek area. The looks that I do are heavily influenced by Japanese trends, which are currently inspired by Korean makeup looks. The products I will be introducing today are all products that help me stay somewhat matte and are also cosmetics that are popular in Japan!

Kiss Cosmetics Mat Chiffon UV Matte Liquid Foundation
flatlay of perfumes and a bottle of foundation on a reflective glass background
Original photo by Satomi Hayashi

The first product is the Mat Chiffon UV Matte Liquid Foundation by Kiss Cosmetics, a Japanese brand. This foundation has SPF25, so it’s great for UV protection in the summer! I used to dislike foundations that are matte and heavy because I have textured skin and felt that these foundations aged me. Dewy and fresh looks have been popular in Japan for the past few years, so there weren’t a whole lot of mattifying foundations on the market. When I used light coverage and hydrating foundations they would actually make me look even oilier and my makeup wouldn’t last a whole day. However, since I started using this product, my skin looks better and my makeup stays on my face longer! 


Here’s a tip: if you don’t want your foundation rubbing off on your mask, use the No Sebum Mineral Powder from innisfree, a K-beauty brand. It’s great for people with oily skin like me, but it also works for people who want dewy looking skin! It’s a cheap and effective product that makes you look poreless!

Missha Prism Shadow
flatlay of floral earrings and a red orange eyeshadow on a reflective glass background
Original photo by Satomi Hayashi

The next product is the Missha Prism Shadow. Though this is a South Korean brand, this product is only sold in Japan! There are six shades in total in the line, which is best known for the pretty specks of glitter you see when you apply it to your eyelids. Glitter, another Korean beauty influence, is very popular in Japan right now. Eyeshadows with big chunks of glitter are especially used by teenagers and twentysomethings because of how pretty they look when the light hits! Most people don’t apply just this as a single shadow look, but they use it as eyeshadow toppers because glittery eyeshadows aren’t as pigmented as matte ones. Another product I recommend is the shade G10 Pearlfection by Clio. This shade is worn by everyone in Japan, and it is known for its beautiful shimmer. It was recommended by a famous Japanese idol and has gained immense popularity!

Heroine Make Micro Mascara Advanced Film
flat lay image of black tube of mascara with perfumes on a reflective glass background
Original photo by Satomi Hayashi

The mascara I want to share is called Heroine Make Micro Mascara Advanced Film. In Japan, chunky mascaras aren’t popular because people prefer lengthening mascaras for natural-looking lashes. I also don’t use mascara that makes my lashes look fuller because I have really sensitive eyes and my eyes get irritated when I use chunky mascaras. In the past few years, mascara’s with really thin wands have dominated the Japanese market! This mascara also has a thin wand and lets you get into your lashes without having to worry about it smudging. It is waterproof so it will last in the Japanese humidity, and can hold a curl for a long time. An alternative would be the Lash Up mascara by Dejavu. It’s super similar but it comes off more easily! 

Stylenanda Lipstick in Mellow Flower
flatlay image of perfumes, earrings, and 3CE coral lipstick
Original photo by Satomi Hayashi

The last item is this lipstick in the shade Mellow Flower from Stylenanda. This is the perfect summer shade that will look good on anyone! I used to have lighter hair but recently I’ve been more into toned down hair colors like blue and black. Personally, I don’t like wearing red lipsticks when I have dark hair, because it can make me seem strong and intense. This lipstick is my go-to because it is the perfect mix of pink, red, and orange! It is a matte lipstick that pigments the lips softly and the color is to die for! I think it’ll look great anywhere because it’s a wearable color. I recommend the matte lipsticks and liquid lipsticks from Stylenanda because their beautiful shade selection makes them a must-have!

There are so many other products that are absolute must-haves but for this article I shared the four I’ve been loving! Besides makeup, something that I’ve been trying to get into are perfumes. I would love some recommendations!

Yume, can you share some of your favorite perfumes? 

Satomi Hayashi

ICU Japan '22

Hey, I'm Satomi Hayashi, apart of Her Campus ICU Japan! I hope to have fun writing and working with fellow Her Campus members!!
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