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What better way to get in the Valentine’s spirit than with a specially curated love song playlist full of reccomendations from HCICU members? Whether you like 70s Swedish pop or contemporary Korean R&B love ballads, we have the perfect songs for you to jam out to this Valentine’s day!


“Perfect” is a love song by Ed Sheeran, released on his 2017 album ÷. This song was suggested by Ayana because “the lyrics are so beautiful and the music is relaxing! Every time I listen to this song, I think this is the kind of love I want. Also, I don’t know why, but his voice just makes me cry sometimes.” This could be the perfect song for dancing with your loved one on this Valentine’s Day!


“Day 1” is a love song by the English electronic duo HONNE. This song was suggested by Won Hoo Yoo, because she felt that telling someone that “the day after I met you is the first day of my life is not a common way to say I love you. This unique description makes the song more special.” She describes this love song as “sensitive” and I have to agree! The instrumentation is minimal with a strong R&B beat, accompanying the lyrics perfectly. 


“So Into You” is a classic 2000s R&B love song by Tamia. This track was recommended by Lisa, who commented that “this is one of my favorites because the song is a vibe to start with and, on top of that, the lyrics are simple and straightforward.” She thinks this song would be perfect for “R&B lovers and those who are so into someone at the moment.” 


“Beautiful” is a song by the South Korean R&B singer, Crush. It’s a love ballad with a slow beat and beautiful piano instrumentation. Yukiko discovered this song because it was on the original soundtrack for the popular K-drama Goblin. She says “this song won’t leave my mind and reminds me of this beautiful winter romance drama.” It’s the kind of song that people can fall in love with regardless of whether they’ve seen the drama!


“A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri might be a familiar love song for those who have seen the Twilight films. Kanako is a big Twilight fan, and she recommends this song because “every beautiful and heart-breaking scene flashes back” to her when she hears it. “I wish someday I could love someone like this song.”


“You’re the One” is a song by the old school American vocal group The Vogues. It has that characteristic upbeat 60s pop sound. If you’ve watched the Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit, you may recognize this song from the soundtrack. You’ll have a hard time getting this simple, catchy tune out of your head this Valentine’s Day!


The Cascades, like The Vogues, was a vocal group popular in America during the 1960s. Their song “Rhythm of the Rain” has a special place in Yuno’s heart because it was recommended to her by her grandfather. She says “the songs my grandpa and I like are similar, and we still share our favorite songs with each other.” Give this dreamy love song a listen on a rainy day.


If you’re in the market for a feel good musical to watch this Valentine’s Day, might we suggest Mamma Mia!? Meryl Streep’s rendition of the title song by ABBA is so iconic, you may just find yourself dramatically lip-syncing along. 


Can you believe that Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are” came out 11 years ago? Time has flown by, but as far as we’re concerned, this song is still amazing! Ayaka recommends this track because “in this society, there are some ideas that everyone needs to look a certain way, and so many people feel insecure about their appearance. So the idea that ‘you’re perfect just the way you are’ is awesome!”


“Funny Little Frog” is a song by the Scottish indie pop band Belle and Sebastian, but my favorite version of the song is a cover from the film God Help the Girl.  The song is moody with beautiful string instrumentation and lyrics about an imaginary relationship in the singer’s mind. She sings of all of the things that are embodied by this imaginary lover—he’s “the cover of my magazine” and “a living museum.” The descriptions are all one of a kind and I particularly enjoy her calling him “the funny little frog in my throat.” 


If you’ve seen the 1999 teen rom-com She’s All That, you may be familiar with the song “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None The Richer. It’s a dreamy guitar pop song that was super popular back in the early 2000’s. I always imagine dancing with a loved one under the milky twilight on a balmy summer night when I hear this song. 


What do you think of our picks? You can listen to the full playlist here on our Spotify! Don’t forget to check out our “Songs of Spring” from 2020 while you’re at it. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sarah Ishikawa is currently serving as Editor in Chief and Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at ICU Japan. She is a senior studying English and American literature. On her days off you'll probably find her at a museum, coffee shop, or just at home getting things done.
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