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The situation gets betThe situation concerning COVID19 is getting better in Japan. Maybe some of you may want to go to Hokkaido this winter. As a person from Hokkaido, I would like to introduce some tips to enjoy the winter Hokkaido.

1 Use public transportation

Do not use your car or car rentals in winter. It is so dangerous to drive in Hokkaido in winter; the road is frozen and easy to slip, and white-out” often happens while driving. White-out occurs by too much snowfall making it difficult to see the road. In such a situation, even the local people in Hokkaido have difficulty driving, so we try not to go out.

2 Enjoy winter sports

There are many places to play winter sports such as skiing, skating, snowboarding. Especially, Niseko is a famous There are many places you could try winter sports such as skiing, skating, snowboarding. Especially, Niseko is a famous place for skiing because it is one of the best skiing spots in Hokkaido. The quality of the snow is amazing. You should visit there when you have the chance.

3 Enjoy the “Sapporo Snow Festival”

Do you know the “Snow Festival” is held in Sapporo in February? This is a festival held every year, which they exhibit large statues made of snow. You can also enjoy the famous, delicious local food in Sapporo, s+uch as ramen. Although it is cold, the ramen we eat when we are cold is wonderful.

4 Food recommendations in winter

There are many delicious foods in Hokkaido, but what I truly recommend in winter is seafood. Seafood is of their best quality in winter, for example, oysters. You can find different seafood dishes if you visit the sushi shops or others that offer “Nabe”.

5 Eat ice cream in a warm room

Try eating ice cream in the warm room. Most people from Hokkaido like to do so. It somehow makes them happy. Please try this in the room you’re staying in when you come to Hokkaido!

Yukina Shima

ICU (Japan) '24

I am a student of ICU. Huge love to coffee and tea, Disney land, travel, home party, e.t.c.