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Jane Austen Books For The Hopeless Romantics

Jane Austen was my first love and will always be. 

I remember the first time I actually sat down and read one of Jane Austen’s works for the first time — it teleported me to another world. It was where there were strong women, some good music, dancing, and a fairytale love story. And if any of this makes your heart jump a little, check out some of Jane Austen’s beautiful works from the list below!

Pride and Prejudice

When you think of Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice has to be the first book that pops into your mind. It is probably the one to get your ball rolling. Even though the storyline is exceedingly familiar, Austen plays her classic “love” card and gives the novel a romantic twist. 

Pride and Prejudice was the first Jane Austen novel I ever read and fell in love with it. I have read this book over and over again through the years, and to my surprise, I find a new connection every time! This classic should be on everyone’s reading list!

Sense and Sensibility

Through this novel, Jane Austen shows how two sisters, raised under the same roof, under the same circumstances, with the same values, perceive such different outlooks on life. One takes the path of sensibility, while the other walks down the path with sense. 

I read Sense and Sensibility with my mom last summer. We’d get one hour of reading done every night of July, sipping on homemade lemonade on our balcony. It was indeed a great bonding time and also got us into some amazing discussions about perceiving life. 


Persuasion was Jane Austen’s last novel, published six months after her death, and it is possibly also one of her best works. With the comedic scenes, she brings to her audience the true affairs of love. Two people, engaged, separate because of persuasions but still manage to find their way back to each other after seven long years. 

After reading this novel, I became the hopeless romantic that I am today, but then again, that’s what Jane Austen does to you. If you are getting into a new relationship, getting out of one, or just enjoying being alone, this novel really makes you feel in love.

I picked up Northanger Abbey a couple of days ago and I’ve been loving it so far. And I’ll be over here in my little hole, reading my way into my favorite romantic aesthetic!


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