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Have you ever used “shea butter”? I suppose many of you have heard or seen this name at least once since it’s getting popular and on sale at many body shops lately. But I think there still aren’t many people who actually use it. I have been a regular user of this product for a long time, and I literally keep it with me all the time. So today, I’m here to show you what shea butter is and why you should have it!

What is “SHEA BUTTER”?

Shea butter is a ‘vegetable oil’ extracted from Vitellaria paradoxa (known as shea tree), ranging from West Africa to central Africa. Some literature says that the use of this butter goes back to the fourteenth century. Local people have used it in so many ways: a moisturizer protecting the skin from UV rays, a soap, a cooking oil, and medicine for muscle pain and burn. As you can see, it has taken root in Africans’ lives for centuries.

What are the features of SHEA BUTTER?

Gentle on the skin

In Ghana, this butter has been used as babies’ first medicine. Mothers have applied it to their babies’ belly button, wound, and diaper rash. It means that it is super gentle to our bodies, so even if you have sensitive skin, you can use it without any worries.  


High moisture retention

I think its outstanding moisture retention is the most noticeable feature. Vitamin E and many kinds of fatty acids help condition your skin texture and protect your skin from dryness. In my experience, shea butter is second to none in curing chapped hands in winter. 


Spreads well, but not sticky

I love how it melts in my hands and spreads over my skin. It’s super smooth, so compared to other products, you can apply it to a large area of your skin with a small amount of butter. Because the skin absorbs it well, you don’t need to worry about getting sticky hands after using it.


Various uses

I think there is no part you cannot apply this butter to. I usually use it as a lip balm, hair wax, and hand cream. But it also can be used as oil for fixing makeup, massage cream, nail balm, and moisturizer after shaving. In short, you can care for your whole body with this single product. You don’t need to carry different beauty products in your bag anymore! 

Shea butter is nothing but a ‘cure-all’ that keeps our skins, nails, and hair healthy and beautiful. I hope you enjoyed this article and gained interest in this product. Take care of yourself and stay safe with shea butter!

Maasa Yamamoto

ICU Japan '24

I'm currently studying at International Christian University, majoring philosophy and religion. I simply love watching, creating, feeling, and listening to something artistic, and being in nature. And my biggest dream is living in Italy someday!
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