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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ICU (Japan) chapter.

Do you know what today’s moon shape is like? Is it waxing or waning? How many days are left until the new moon? I suppose there may be times when you check your horoscope for little excitement, but most of you may not care about the moon phase in your daily lives very much unless you’re a heavenly body geek. But, as we can see, the moon often appears in myths and is deeply related to some traditional events around the world, we can easily imagine that there exists something special between the moon and us humans. I don’t have technically astrological knowledge, nor can I explain scientifically, but I’m sure that both my mind and body have been balanced and healthy since I started moon-conscious life. Here, I will introduce three merits of keeping the moon calendar around.

The depressed feeling can be more acceptable

We sometimes fall into a gloomy mood for no specific reason. Depression often includes obscure sadness, frustration, or anxiety. In such a situation, we feel as if nothing is going well and end up blaming ourselves. But, if you keep checking the moon phase, you may notice that the regular depression tends to come to you on the days when the moon has a particular phase: especially the full moon. For some people, it can be the new moon, but in any case, we may be able to interpret that these negative feelings are brought by the energy of the moon. By taking its effect on your mind into account, your depression and anxiety may ease. And also, it can lead to protecting yourself from self-blaming.

Easier to control your weight

The moon phase is a great assistant for you to make up the ideal body. It is said that we are liable to save nourishment and gain weight in the period of the waxing moon. On the other hand, when the moon is waning, it is easier for us to detox and lose weight. Therefore, for those who want to build up their strength, it’s effective to eat high nutritional food between the new moon and the full moon; meanwhile, for those who think about tightening their bodies, the fifteen days after the full moon is the best time to go on a diet. Let’s get a healthy body with the help of the beautiful moon power.

Helpful for your productivity

It is said that the waning period is suitable for giving something off. If you have something you want to quit, clean, or revise, try it before the moon begins to gain its weight again. It is a time for preparation, so throw away something unnecessary for you, refresh inside and outside of yourself, and lay the foundation for what you want to start or achieve. Then when the moon begins to gain weight, it’s time to be active. It is said that the waxing period is appropriate for us to absorb and save energy from the outside. So, just go to talk with people and soak up a lot like a sponge! Knowing this emitting-absorbing flow is definitely helpful for planning, and in turn, it brings more productivity!

Whether or not to believe in the moon’s power is entirely up to you, but if you have any interest in the mysterious relationship between human and heavenly body, why don’t you start by sticking the moon phase calendar on the wall in your room? You may be able to discover another correlation. If you are tired from the recent excessive network on the Internet, let’s take your eyes off the screen and look for the moon in the sky. There might be a stronger connection that gives you healing, calm, and energy. Even though now we are getting stuck inside, we can keep enjoying the power of the universe as long as we live. In such a period of great change, what we need may be harmony with nature, the great cosmos. Just go ask the moon, which is the nearest neighbor of earth.

Maasa Yamamoto

ICU (Japan) '24

I'm currently studying at International Christian University, majoring philosophy and religion. I simply love watching, creating, feeling, and listening to something artistic, and being in nature. And my biggest dream is living in Italy someday!
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