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‘Gilmore Girls’ Review: Embracing Life’s Journey Through Friendship and Resilience

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ICU (Japan) chapter.

Every time I logged into my streaming device, ‘Gilmore Girls’ would pop up as a recommendation. My friends had often praised it as their comfort show, so I finally gave in and decided to watch it. In just a few weeks, I binge-watched the entire series. I became so immersed in the world of Stars Hollow that I found myself often visiting a nearby diner, Suzie Q, just to channel the cozy energy of Luke’s Diner. (If you’re an ICU student, trust me, Suzie Q is a must-visit!) Initially, I assumed the show was about a girls’ school named Gilmore and expected the early 2000s high school drama. So I was surprised to discover that it’s about the special bond between a mother and daughter, Lorelai and Rory. In this article, I want to share three amazing takeaways from the show that eased me from the stresses of finding my path in life, and I hope they can also reassure you that everything will be okay.

Gilmore Girls walking through Fall Festival
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Embracing Vulnerability: The Power of Honest Relationships

Lorelai and Rory share a deeply special bond centered around friendship. Lorelai wholeheartedly embraces vulnerability and honesty in her role as Rory’s parent. This openness fosters a more intimate and personal connection between them. Lorelai’s parenting style involves sharing her struggles, disappointments, personal experiences, and emotions, creating a space where Rory sees her not just as a mother but also as a trusted friend. This environment allows Rory to freely express her thoughts and experiences, fostering meaningful conversations. So when it comes to finding our direction and path, it’s important to keep in mind the value of being open and honest with our loved ones. By fostering such kind of a relationship, we can create a supportive network that helps us navigate life’s journey together.

Paving Your Own Path: Lorelai’s Journey of Independence 

Lorelai, the witty, coffee-loving mother, had Rory at just 16 years old. Her parents, Emily and Richard, had high hopes for her to marry Rory’s father, Christopher Hayden, and follow their ‘traditional, respectable’ path. However, Lorelai chose to pave her own path in life. She left home, worked her way up from being a maid at the Independence Inn to eventually running it, and even earned an Associate of Arts degree in business—all while raising Rory. Lorelai’s journey is a testament to her determination and self-sufficiency, proving that it’s possible to create a fulfilling life on your own terms.

Accepting Change: Rory’s Continuous Journey to Self-Discovery

Rory, mature beyond her years, is depicted as the perfect student who prioritizes her studies over typical teenage activities. However, as she enters Yale, the pressure begins to take its toll. She experiences panic attacks and anxiety, leading her to take a gap year and explore different paths. Despite her hard work and impressive credentials, Rory struggles to secure internships, reflecting the harsh reality of the competitive job market. This aspect of Rory’s story is both relatable and reassuring, showing that it’s okay to face setbacks and change directions. In ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’, Rory ultimately finds her path in writing a book, demonstrating resilience and the importance of pursuing what truly makes you happy and excited about life. 

‘Gilmore Girls’ is more than just a TV show; it’s a story of friendship, resilience, and the courage to redirect your life when things don’t go as planned. If you like some funny banter, heartfelt moments, or enjoy a good cup of coffee, ‘Gilmore Girls’ is a place for you. So, if you haven’t already, grab some snacks, cozy up, and let yourself enter the lovely world of Stars Hollow. 

Rina Muguruma

ICU (Japan) '26

Hi I'm Rina, I live with 3 cats and I love to read and write.