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Friends Episodes to Binge Watch Before The Reunion

We finally got the Friends reunion that so many of us have been waiting for for over a decade. 

It was broadcasted on HBO Max, an American subscription video-on-demand streaming service, yesterday on the 27th of May. It is the first time we see the whole six-member Friends cast since "The Last One", aired in May of 2004. 

While hoping that those who live outside of the US will also get a chance to watch it, here are some of my favorite episodes from the ten-season sitcom. So whether or not you are planning to watch the reunion, I am sure these episodes will cheer you up!

S1 The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate (Ep.1 Pilot)

This episode starts off with the gang at their usual coffee house, where Rachel, who has run away from her wedding, comes in soaking wet with a gorgeous wedding dress on; a legendary scene so many people have seen. It's amazing to see what started a whole decade of history!  

S3 The One Where No One's Ready (Ep. 2)

Ross has an event at his workplace, and he wants to take his five friends - but nobody is ready. As he counts down, Chandler and Joey start bickering, Ross upsets Rachel, Phoebe's dress is ruined, and Monica can't leave the phone. The whole episode is set in Monica and Rachel's apartment, but there is so much going on, and it is so hilarious. I sometimes come back to watch this episode because it's definitely one of my favorites! 

S4 The One with the Embryos (Ep. 12)

This episode has been voted as the best episode of the show on many occasions, and it is definitely a fan favorite! Four friends compete two-on-two on which knows each other better; it is such a heartwarming and funny episode to watch. 

S5 The One Where Everybody Finds Out  (Ep. 14)

Chandler and Monica are going out after spending years as friends, but they are not ready to tell the rest of their group yet. The episode opens with Phoebe's infamous line, "Oh my eyes! My eyes!" as she sees the pair. 

S6 The One with Unagi (Ep. 17)

This episode also features one of the series' most iconic phrases: Ross's "Unagi".

S6 The One with the Proposal (Ep. 24/25)

Monica and Chandler are one of the best couples on American TV, and this proposal proves it! This scene is just so beautiful and romantic; I definitely cried a little (well, to be honest, I cried a lot) when I first watched it.

S7 The One with All the Cheesecakes (Ep. 11)

I absolutely love Rachel and Chandler's chemistry, and I would love a bite of that cheesecake as well. 

S7 The One Where They All Turn Thirty (Ep. 17)

When I turn thirty (which I do not want to imagine yet), I hope I have amazing friends like these. 

S10 The One Where Ross is Fine (Ep. 2)

Joey and Rachel start dating, which is still a great topic of discussion amongst fans—was the plotline necessary? Ross insists that he is fine with it. If you watch the episode, you will know whether he really is or not. 

P.S. Some people may aggressively oppose, but I think Joey and Rachel were a cute couple, and they suited each other!

S10 The Last One: Part1 & Part2 (Ep. 17/18)

This episode is not so 'enjoyable', but if you're going to binge-watch the series, you should watch it until the end. The ending to a whole decade of so many laughs and smiles was just so beautiful. 

I hope you enjoy these episodes, and let me know your favorites!

Utako Kawakami

ICU Japan '24

Hi, I'm Utako and I am a sophomore at International Christian University!
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