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Five places to see Autumn Leaves in Tokyo

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ICU (Japan) chapter.

As the Autumn Season officially kicks off to a start on the 23rd of September, soon Tokyo will be covered with golden gingko leaves all over with plenty of beautiful sceneries and parks to walk through to experience the fall season. 

Therefore I have come up with a list of five beautiful places were you can catch the Autumn Season at its best!

1.Meijijingu Gaien 

About five minutes on foot from Shinanomachi Station, Meijijingyu Gaien is known for its beautiful rows of ginkgo trees and its golden yellow leaves are a sight to be seen. The tall gingko trees stretch out to about 300 meters and make up about a total of 146 trees with the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery in the background to visit as well. 

Meijijingyu Gaien remains as one of the most popular spots to view autumn leaves in Tokyo. 

2. Rikugien Garden 

Rikugien Garden is an ancient garden built in 1702 for the 5th shogun of the Tokugawa clan, taking seven years to complete and is also home to over 400 hundred maple trees, alongside plenty of ginkgo and zelkoovas trees, the epitome of a fall scenery. The garden lits up the autumn leaves in the evening, as part of its illumination program, creating a beautiful, breathtaking scenery. Although the specific dates for 2022 have yet to be announced, the illumination normally takes place between late November to early December.

3.Yoyogi Park 

Yoyogi Park is at walking distance from Shibuya Station and is the 5th largest park in Tokyo’s 23 wards. The park is a free, public space and will often be crowded on weekends with various families enjoying their day, the trees turn yellow with ginkgo leaves in the fall and the park’s main fountain is surrounded by a deep red hue. 

4. Showa Memorial Park 

This park is one of the most famous foliage spots in Tokyo with a 200 meter long canal area lined with gingko trees, with many of theme even being over 200 meter high! 

When autumn comes along, the leaves fall to the ground to create a breathtaking golden carpet of foliage to make you feel like you are walking in your own magical fall fanatsy.

5. Mount Takao

About an hour train ride by Tokyo, Mount Takao is a famous spot for sightseeing nature and spending time outdoors. Although Mount Takao remains beautiful in all seasons, in the Autumn it displays spectacular colors and the entire mountain is covered in bright red and golden yellow shades, which can also be admired from the cable car. 

Walking through Mount Takao in the Autumn may often feel like you are walking through a tunnel of autumn leaves! 

Maanya Choudhary

ICU (Japan) '24

Hi I'm Maanya, currently studying Media Communication and Culture at ICU. I'm from India but I've lived in Japan my entire life. I love reading and writing!