ELA Special: Thoughts On Zoom ELA

What is like taking online classes? How do we interact with our classmates? When will we be able to finally enjoy our university life?

Don’t worry guys! We’re here to give you an insight on online Zoom classes and how our ELA classes have been treating us.

We are Hiyori and Kavya. We joined ICU this spring and have been adjusting to our new digital university life. As first year students at ICU, we were extremely encouraged by being in the company of many motivated and goal-oriented peers. Everyone here at ICU is exceptionally congenial to talk to and ask advice from, making it a safe and comfortable environment for us newcomers to openly ask as many questions as possible. When we had any difficulties with the online scheduling, many clubs and circles conducted open chats and Q&As for us to interact with ICU upperclassmen.

Now for the foremost reason why you’re all here—how are freshmen grappling with online ELA classes? Most of the students at ICU know how to speak English, but there are some who find it difficult to keep up with the fast-paced all-English classes we are required to take in order to graduate. Especially with the Zoom classes, double tasking with Google and zoom, interacting with the professor and classmates, and making effective discussions seems exceedingly strenuous. But, after our ELA classes, we sometimes we stay back on the Zoom meetings to interact with our classmates. We have dinners together, play games together, and have study sessions together, but all online! In this time of difficulty for the whole world, we are trying to make the best of our university experience. We hope that all of this will end soon, so we can go and spend time with our classmates at the best recommended hangout places near ICU!