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C-Week Special: 10 Worship Songs Christians on Campus Are Listening to

For our second Christianity Week article, I'd like to share some Christian music that people associated with the Christian community of ICU are listening to. This interview was done collaboratively with our chapter writer, Kisaki. I personally have equal respect for all religions, but I thought that learning about Christian music during these dark times could be fun. I hope that through this article, you'll be able to find new Christian music to love!

 "Psalm 42" By Tori Kelly 

Tori Kelly, the singer-songwriter who voices the elephant Mina in the movie "SING", sings her rendition of Psalm 42 dramatically. "As you can infer by the title, the lyrics are based off Psalm 42. It focuses on how much we need God, and to me it's very comforting," says the '21 April student who submitted this track.

 " His Eye Is on the Sparrow " By Lauryn Hill, Tanya Blount 

This song may sound familiar to those who have seen the film "Sister Act 2". A '23 September student said "This song reminds me of the Lord's love and goodness, and of the freedom I have in Him. Just as He takes care of the little birds, I know He is also watching over me". This video is just a short version of the song, so check out the full version as well if you are interested!

"All the way my saviour leads me" By Melody St. Clair Randazzo

This song was selected by a '21 September student who recounts singing this song at a funeral, commenting "it reminded me that through life God leads us all the way, that He is always right by our side through trials and suffering". The soft voice of Melody St. Clair Randazzo and the tone of melody will heal everyone who to listens to this track.

"King of Kings" By Hillsong Worship

Hillsong Worship is one of the music ministries of Hillsong Church. Three interviewees responded to our survey with songs from Hillsong Worship, so I've chosen "King of Kings" to link.

The '22 September student who chose this song said "The reason why I chose this song was because it emphasizes the Trinity and what a Christ Jesus has done on the cross. The salvation that Jesus gave us is truly an amazing gift from God that we were not even eligible to receive, but His magnificent love allowed us to receive that gift".

Other Hillsong Worship songs chosen by the interviewees were the following:  

- "Still" by Hillsong Worship & Hymn 298 Finlandia

 "Both melodies resonate in my heart and receive a lot of comfort from the lyrics." -ICU trustee

- "So will I" by Hillsong Worship 

"It reminds and assures me of His sovereignty over His creation even in the midst of chaos we’re in today." -'19 April

Some Other Favorite Christian Songs

-"Take Me In To The Holy of Holies" by Kutless

"We were created to worship and for relationship. The holy of holies is the most intimate place of worship".

Commented by a spouse of a professor.

-"This Is The Day" by Fred Hammon

"I was a part of my church dance team as a kid and we danced to this song once. As I've gotten older, I've started singing the song to myself when I'm stressed to remind myself that God is in control".

Commented by a '23 One Year Exchange student.

-"Great Is Thy Faithfulness" by Chris Rice

"Wonderful words and uplifting music".

Commented by a spouse of a faculty member and an ICU graduate.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to all of the interviewees for this article. Thank you to the students of various years, exchange students, and even administrators at ICU who came together to make this article possible!

Since many of the planned events for C-week were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hope you can feel the fun of C-Week through these songs!

Yukiko Takei

ICU Japan '22

Hi, I am Yukiko and am currently studying at the University of Gothenburg as exchange student remotely, majoring in public policy.
Kisaki Saishu

ICU Japan '20

Kisaki is a senior student at ICU majoring in Environmental Studies. Passionate about environmental issues (...obviously!), mental health issues, and Jesus! Loves reading, eating, sleeping, singing, spending time in nature, watching YouTube videos, and drinking coffee. An extrovert seeming introvert who loves people.
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