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Beauty from the Inside Out: 1 Week Soup Detox

The final article for our team’s summer writing event is here! To finish off our relay, I want to talk about beauty that comes from inside. “You are what you eat” couldn’t be more true when it comes to health. The food you eat affects our health, energy level, mood, and behavior. There are a lot of health benefits that come from cleansing and detoxing our bodies because they eliminate toxins. There are many claims about various detox regimens, which could be in the form of a fast diet, drink, or powder. Removing toxins has several benefits, including improved energy, weight loss, relief from constipation, resolved headaches, muscle aches, and fatigue. Sounds great, right? That is why I want to recommend you to try the One Week Soup Detox. Believe it or not, I can assure you that you will see the difference in your body within seven days. You will be able  let go of whatever stress you have and welcome in good energy! 


Recipe for Detox Soup 


● 3-4 large onions

● 1 thick celery 

● 2 green pepper 

● 1 each of yellow and red pepper 

● ½ ball of large cabbage 

● 1 can of whole tomato 

● 3-4 tomatoes 

● 1 pack of maitake mushroom 

● 1 broccoli 

● 2 large carrots 

● A cereal bowl full of fresh spinach 


  • Cut vegetables into a size that is easy to eat and put the soup stock and whole tomatoes together in a large pan.

  • Add water to simmer for about 10 minutes and boil the vegetables to the desired softness.

  • Season with salt, pepper, chili sauce, curry powder, etc. as you like.

Eat this soup anytime, as much as you like. The more soup you eat, the more calories you will burn.


★ Rules

  1. Do not drink alcohol during the detox (interferes with the discharge of fat in the body)
  2. If you are drinking alcohol, start the detox 24 hours afterward
  3. Only drink water, tea, black coffee, 100% juice, and skim milk (non-fat)
  4. Do not drink carbonated drinks (including diet coke)
  5. Don't eat fried food, bread, or foods that contain flour.
  6. Do not use any sweetener, such as sugar.
  7. This diet requires taking meat (protein), but boiled or roasted chicken (without the skin) should be used. Boiled fish is also good replacement for beef.


Day 1

Day of only soup & fruits (*except banana)

To kick off, start the detox by drinking lots of water or fruit juice, without sweetener. Day 1 can be the hardest since your body is not used to the diet yet. But you can do this! Try and imagine how fresh your body will feel after this week! 

Day 2

Day of only soup and vegetables. 

Start Day 2 by preparing some vegetables. If you choose to cook the vegetables, do not cook them in butter or oil. I recommend eating lots of broccoli as they are a great source of protein and fiber. 

*Do not eat beans or sweet corn

*Do not eat fruit today


Day 3

Day of combination of Day 1 and Day 2

On Day 3 of the soup detox, you can indulge as much soup, vegetables, and fruits as you desire, except for baked potatoes.

But, most importantly, drink lots of water! I recommend preparing detox water as you can enjoy. You can easily make detox water with sliced lemon with a bit of salt. My favorite detox recipe is sliced orange and kiwi with the skin on! 

Try lots of combinations and find your favorite!

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Day 4

Day of soup and bananas

On Day 4, try to eat as much as three bananas, and drink up to 500 ml of non-fat milk (skimmed milk), and lots of water as much as possible. And of course, you can eat as much soup as you like. By the fourth day, your body will need carbohydrates, proteins, and calcium. Bananas have a high calorie content and carbohydrates, and so does milk. Eating them will reduce the desire for snacks and artificial sweeteners. I recommend making skim milk and banana smoothies to keep things fun!


Day 5

Day of soup, meat, and tomato

Focus Day 5 around 350g to 700g of red meat, chicken, or boiled fish, and at least one bowl of soup. In addition to that, eat a maximum of six tomatoes. 

*Please drink at least 6-8 glasses of water to excrete uric acid from your body.


Day 6

Day of soup and red meat. 

On Day 6, eat as much beef as you like (two to three steaks is good). But keep away from baked potatoes. Drink soup at least once on Day 6.


Day 7

Day of soup and brown rice—LAST DAY!

On the last day, prepare your meals with brown rice and vegetables. Make sure to include fruit juices and soup.

You made it! Congratulations! You made it through the Soup Detox Week. By the last day, you should feel toxin-free and refreshed!!


You can go back to your regular meal routine, but make sure that you don’t run for junk food or too much sugar. Your stomach might feel sick from these foods. 

If you want to continue the soup detox, you can take two to three days of break and start a second week of detoxing. 

This diet removes any impurities from the body. The seven-day diet can be safely repeated as many times as you want, but don’t push yourself too hard. 

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That's the end of our team’s Summer Writing Relay! We talked about everything from travel, music, fashion, and beauty. Thank you so much for reading our articles, and we hope you enjoyed them! The fall semester is starting soon, so keep up your good energy and stay safe. 

Ayaka Kuroki

ICU Japan '22

Hi! I am Ayaka and am currently a senior at International Christian University, majoring in sociology. I was born in Japan, grew up in Singapore, Taiwan, and UAE-Dubai. I simply love nature, traveling, eating, and singing.
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