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5 Things That Make Traveling In Japan Convenient

Traveling can be difficult or easy depending on which country you visit. There are cities around the world where you need to go out of your way just to get around or to eat. It’s safe to say that Japan is one of the easier and more convenient places to travel. Here are 5 reasons that make Japan so easy to visit! 


Bus, taxi, train, bullet train, ferry, you name it! One of Japan’s most praised services is their public transportation system. Trains here run all through the country making it almost trouble-free when it comes to moving between prefectures. Buses can take you to sightseeing spots and ferries can pick you up and drop you off at nearby islands. All forms of transportation are almost always on time, cheap, and accessible. Plus, they are foreigner-friendly as stations and transportations have signs in both Japanese and English. 

Convenience Stores

Convenience stores, known locally as “combini”, are all over Japan. There are almost 60,000 combini nationwide and, unlike those in foreign countries, stores such as 7-Eleven, FamilyMart, and Lawson offer a variety of everyday necessities from food and drinks to even electronics. Japanese convenience stores maintain a clean and reliable atmosphere where anyone can shop conveniently. During a trip, you might need to dine on a budget, grab some toiletry, or even print out papers—what’s more convenient than a convenience store that can cater to all those needs and more? 

Cheap and Delicious Food 

On that note, let’s talk about food. In other countries that I have visited, I have struggled to find “good food”— something reliable, reasonably priced, and enjoyable. Here in Japan, you can walk into a combini and purchase perfectly delicious bento boxes and rice balls for less than $10 US dollars. You can find cheap chain restaurants that serve delicious Japanese, Western, and even Chinese food. Just to add on, there are many local restaurants that offer meal sets for less than $15 US dollars. You can never go wrong with food in Japan!

Kind and Helpful Locals

Locals may not be able to speak English or any language other than Japanese, but they sure will help you out! From my experiences travelling in Japan, asking around for information might be a little tricky but the people will definitely try to help you out in some way. They may even tell you information about a spot in the area that you didn’t know was worth visiting!

Travel Services 

As tourism is one of the largest industries in Japan, there are numerous travel services that vacationers can choose from in order to accommodate their travels. One commonly used service are the long distance highway busses. This option in particular is a good deal for those who want to spend less time and money travelling—overnight bus rides are cheaper than riding the bullet train or taking a plane. Other services include railway passes and one day shuttle bus rides. 

Traveling really makes you realize what’s out there—whether it be new cultures or convenient services. What’s something you’ve discovered during your travels? 

Lisa Ichioka

ICU Japan '22

Lisa, the head of the Her Campus chapter at the International Christian University, is currently a sophomore studying business. Being a third-culture kid, she enjoys eating and making foreign cuisines. In her free time she is probably calling her friends overseas, listening to music, watching funny videos, or cleaning her room.
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