5 Summer-y Nail Art Ideas You Have to Try

It’s officially summer—at least according to me. It’s hot and sunny, with clear blue skies, but most of us are still stuck inside. One thing that never fails to put me in a better mood, or brighten up my day, is painting my nails. Of course, for many of us, going to a salon is still not an option and we might not feel like we have the skills or the money to make intricate nail designs. But fear not! I’ve scoured Instagram and found some really cute nail art ideas that are possible to recreate at home.

  1. 1. Clear Sparkly Nails

    This design is really cute with iridescent glitter polish painted over clear nails. Aside from me being a glitter addict, these would look really pretty catching the summer sun and will definitely brighten up any days you’re feeling the quarantine blues.

  2. 2. Sunflower Nails

    These nails might seem a bit complex, but with the right tools it could be done with your dominant hand. The fact that these are only painted on one side makes it even easier! The two different designs on each hand is very refreshing, but having the same colour linking the two sides keeps them cohesive too.

  3. 3. Bright Colours

    These are simple, but still very effective! A bright summery colour is a great way to get in the summer mood and is much easier than nail art! I love orange so I chose this image as inspiration, but you could pick any colour you could imagine—a nice coral pink would also be a great choice.

  4. 4. Different Colours

    Another simple yet effective idea is using different colours on each nail. You could do similar hues like this photo, or you could go for a variety of neon colours!

  5. 5. Simple Flower Nails

    This are another take on flower nails, but even easier than the sunflowers. These little dot flowers are very cute and simple, perfect for when you want a fancier design but don’t have the time/effort/skills to draw out intricate flowers.

Not so hard right? You might have to order some tools online like nail art brushes or dotting tools, but all can be done for under 1000 yen—which is much cheaper than any salon I know. I did in fact try out the simple flower nails myself, to surprisingly good results. And I’m probably the most uncoordinated person I know. These nail ideas are really cute, and I hope you all try them out too!