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June is dedicated to celebrating the LGBTQ+ community worldwide every year, which is called Pride Month. It is held to honor the 1969 Stonewall uprising, demonstrations to resist police harassment, and persecution targeted toward the LGBTQ+ community in Manhattan, New York. It is also to recognize how far the community has come and acknowledged the need for more change. In celebration of pride month, here are five shows to watch.

1. Sex Education (Netflix)

The British comedy-drama is centered around Otis Milburn, a teenage boy navigating his adolescent life while living with his mother, a sex therapist. He teams up with his classmate to run an underground sex therapy business at school. This show covers all kinds of sensitive topics and diverse representation of the LGBTQ+ community, such as asexuality and pansexuality. Since the critics and audience highly reclaimed the show, it will be renewed later this year!

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Netflix)

Police comedy show follows the everyday life of detectives in the 99th Precinct of the New York City Police Department in Brooklyn. The show had positive responses from the audience since it included LGBTQ+ representation such as Rosa Diaz and Captain Raymond Holt. 

3. Love, Victor (Hulu)

The show is an American comedy-drama, a spin-off show of a popular film called Love, Simon. Victor, a half Puerto Rican and half Colombian-American family, struggles with home problems and sexual orientation while adjusting to a new city. The show authentically depicts the relationship of Victor and his conservative parents, which some may relate to. The journey of Victor continues with season two, and hopefully, season three on its way!

4. Atypical (Netflix)

The show focuses on the life of Sam Gardner, who has autism spectrum disorder, trying to become independent and facing the outside world. On the other hand, Sam's little sister, Casey, deals with her feelings for a close female friend, Izzie, while dating a boyfriend in season three. Casey and Izzie became the most beloved couple on the show by the fans. This show is set to be renewed for the final season this July!

5. Orange Is the New Black (Netflix)

This show revolves around Piper Chapman sent to a women's federal prison for smuggling substances for her ex-girlfriend. While in prison, Piper meets queer and transgender characters portrayed by Ruby Rose and Laverne Cox. The show was highly praised for covering LGBTQ+ representation and prison issues in the United States. 



Makiko Kawakami

ICU Japan '24

Currently studying at International Christian University. She enjoys listening to music and watching Netflix in her free time.
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