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The popular social media app TikTok allows anyone with an account to create video content. While it's mostly popular for its viral dance challenge videos, TikTok has also become a platform for people to share information, whether they be current events, funny home videos, or even life hacks. Today I'm sharing five simple life hacks I found through TikTok.

Washing stained tupperware 

After keeping pasta in a tupperware, it's normal for it to get stubborn orange stains on the inside! This user shows us that shaking up a piece of paper towel, a little water, and dish detergent inside the tupperware will get rid of those stains!

Hanging your clothes 

Since I started living alone, I have come to realize how some little things like hanging clothes on a hanger is a bit time consuming. Scrolling through TikTok one day, I came across this life hack: hold all your shirts on one hand and, like a machine, just keep passing the hanger through each one instead of picking up a new shirt and hanger every single time.

Loose jeans 

Found the perfect jeans but cant get them to fit around the waist because they're loose? Get some scissors and make holes in the inside of each side of your jeans. Grab a shoelace and thread it through from one hole to the other to tighten them up!  

Tying a bag of chips

Have a bag of left over chips but don’t have anything to tie it with? Get a pair of scissors, cut a V shape in the opening of the bag to get two handles. Tie those handles together to close the bag! 

 Making smaller Ziplock bags 

Get multiple ziplock bags from one! All you have to do is heat up a butter knife or a regular knife and while it's hot, run the knife down the ziplock bag. Not only will the bag cut in half but it will also seal the edges from the heat of the knife. 

If you are interested in more life hacks just search up for the hashtags #lifehacks and #hacks in the tiktok search bar to find loads of content!

Lisa Ichioka

ICU Japan '22

Lisa, the head of the Her Campus chapter at the International Christian University, is currently a sophomore studying business. Being a third-culture kid, she enjoys eating and making foreign cuisines. In her free time she is probably calling her friends overseas, listening to music, watching funny videos, or cleaning her room.
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