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5 Iconic Fashionistas in Film and Television

What do you focus on when watching films and television shows? I always keep an eye out for fashion. Here are some of the most iconic fashionistas in film and TV!

Pulp Fiction — Mia

Mia styles her shirts and jackets in a masculine fashion, but with an added touch of sex appeal. There’s no doubt audiences (regardless of gender) find themselves attracted to her style. Even the cigarette in her hand adds an air of mystery to her.

Gossip Girl — Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen

These besties style their school uniforms with a taste of personality. Even though this show was airing in 2007, their outfits never feel dated because of their timeless sense of style.

Clueless — Cher

Cher’s bright yellow school girl getup is absolutely iconic, pairing perfectly with her makeup and blonde hair. Her outfits make me want to try out a pastel color palette.

Followers — Natsume

The way Natsume dyes the underlayer of her hair pink is super on-trend and cute. Her style is totally unique and is made even more appealing by the way she pulls it off.

What do you think of this fashion round up? Did any of these characters pique your interest? Check out these films and shows for more style inspiration!

Hana Nakai

ICU Japan '24

Hi, I'm Hana and am currently studying at International Christian University. On campus, I perform as a member of the Dance Organization of International Christian University.
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