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Cold winters are a nightmare for people with naturally dry and sensitive skin. Our regular skincare routines might not cut it during these extra dry months, but fear not! I have a few trusty tips that took my winter skin from dry and flaky to hydrated and glowy!

Don’t over-wash your face

I always thought that it was required to wash your face both in the morning and at night, but the truth is that washing your face too frequently can be overly stripping to the skin. At night the most we’re doing is sleeping and relaxing, you don't need to cleanse your face in the morning in the same way you do at night. In the mornings, I just rinse my face with water to remove the residue of my nighttime skincare before going in with my daytime routine. 

Use toner between each skincare step

With the exception of some chemical exfoliants, skincare products like moisturizers and serums tend to work better on hydrated skin. This is why it’s important to hydrate your skin between each step with a little bit of toner. Toner is usually used just after cleansing your face to restore moisture, but there’s no cap on how frequently you can use it. If your skin is feeling extra dry, try using this trick for plump skin!

Seal it all in with an occlusive 

What’s an occlusive? Occlusives are a type of skincare ingredient that create a seal over our skin. Over time, water evaporates from our skin, leaving it dehydrated. You can use occlusives at the end of your nighttime skincare routine to put a lid over all of the good hydrating products you used underneath—this allows the hydration in these products to penetrate into your skin instead of evaporating. Popular occlusives include petroleum jelly, like Vaseline, and mineral oils. 

Drink lots of water

During our busy days, we can sometimes forget to keep our bodies hydrated. I try to keep track of my water intake throughout the day and drink at least two glasses first thing in the morning. Try adding drinking water into your daily routine. If you're forgetful like me, making sure to drink a glass before and after each meal can help you stay on track!

Everyone’s skin is different, and I don’t want to recommend products that might work for some people but not for others. I hope you give these tips a shot with products that you already trust to work for you and say bye-bye to dry and flaky winter skin! 

Sarah Ishikawa is currently serving as Editor in Chief and Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at ICU Japan. She is a senior studying English and American literature. On her days off you'll probably find her at a museum, coffee shop, or just at home getting things done.
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