3 Special Museum Exhibitions Perfect for Autumn Break in Tokyo

It can be fun to get out of town for autumn break, but enjoying your vacation by staying nearby is also an option! Some might be wary of museums because they feel they don’t know enough about art, but just one visit could change your mind. Here are a few special exhibits taking place at museums in Tokyo this autumn break for you to enjoy on your own or with friends!

  1. View portrait painting and photographs of the British royal family dating back over 500 years! Through this exhibit, you can learn about how these portraits were painted and the historic background of the royal family through the ages. Because the commentary on the works are incredibly thorough, you’ll be able to enjoy the exhibit even if you don’t know anything about the royal family. This is a highly recommended exhibition to learn about the history of the British royals while admiring beautiful portraiture. 

  2. This is a luxurious special exhibition comparing the urban cultures of the East and West through Rimpa, which was born in Kyoto’s chonin culture and developed in Edo, and Impressionism, which centered around Paris and spread throughout Europe. You can analyze differences between the paintings of East and West yourself! Even if you’re only interested in one of these movements, why not take this exhibition as an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of both?

  3. Following the success of the “Mummy” exhibit at the beginning of this year, this winter will bring yet another exhibit on ancient Egypt. This time, the exhibit will focus on Egyptian mythology, taking a look into the ancient culture from a different perspective! The artifacts in this exhibition were brought all the way from Berlin, so take this opportunity to see them while you can! 

Even if you don’t know a lot about art, special exhibitions can be an easy and fun way to learn! Take advantage of the audio guides available at each museum for a more immersive experience. Because of Covid-19, some museums now require reservations, so be sure to check and book your visit beforehand!