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3 effective ways to focus on online classes

In the covid situation, we have more online classes than face-to-face classes and many people are struggling with getting used to different lifestyles. Therefore, I would like to show you a few great ways to focus on classes at home.

divide the places

The place where you usually rest is not the right place for you to concentrate on studying, so here is the way for you to focus on your works! You should divide the places for rest and study, and it would make you switch between feelings when you concentrate and when you relax.

make a schedule

When you stay at home, it would be really hard to manage the time. If you have classes after 10 o’clock, I know it makes you feel lazy to wake up in the early time. However, if you make a schedule of your day or make a to-do list, the things are going to change! By dividing the time by what you do, you can use the time effectively.

turn off your phones

Social media and games might tempt you during the online classes and the time when you study since the teachers cannot see your hands through the computer. For taking away the obstacle, you should turn off your phones and make a place where you can concentrate on your studies like school!

Ochi Saaya

ICU Japan '25

Hi. I'm Saaya and am currently studying at International Christian University. In my free time, I enjoy writing, traveling, listening to music, watching Netflix and cooking.
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