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You’re Going to Miss Me (Warm Weather in Geneva) When I’m Gone

Looking around campus now, its rare to see people spending time outside and soaking up the nice weather. Compared to spring semester, (when people are docking and chilling at 52 degrees) this is a shocking view! It's as if people have become bored with the sunshine or forgotten how brutal Geneva winters are. There is such limited time to enjoy these warm rays and make use of the great location HWS offers. Lucky for you, there is still some time to take advantage of it! Before this inevitably becomes you...

You walk by it everyday and its probably the biggest thing on campus. That's right, the QUAD. The quad still exists and its a prime social spot. Set up a game of can-jam, meet up with people and have some fun! The quad is a perfect for place for jamming to music with friends, people watching or even just for a change of scenery for doing some homework. Located in the middle of campus, there's no reason to not be there all the time. That could be a little excessive, but don't worry, there's other places to spend your time liiiiiiike...

The boathouse!! The Buzzuto Boathouse is a great spot to try and salvage the last of your tan and get a view of the lake before it becomes an ice rink. And don't worry, the algae can no longer cause you harm, so dip a toe in while you still can! While it may be too cold to jump in entirely and swim, I highly recommend spending some late afternoons taking in the sunset before the path is completely covered with snow.

As beautiful as winter is at HWS, there is nothing like the fall weather here! Pick up a pumpkin spiced everything and make use of the warm weather that is hanging around and and the terrific locations and scenery. It only lasts for a little while and trust me and the other people who break out the shorts as soon as the temp rises above freezing, you will miss it when its gone. Remember, six sweaters do not look good on anyone and it IS obvious. 

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