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Young Adulterated is Headed to Hollywood

HWS’s very own “Young Adulterated,” created by 2014 alum Stephen Gemmiti, is heading to Hollywood this April. The drama that premiered last spring has been nominated for “The Best Series” at the 36th Annual College Television Awards. Cast members: Tripp Aquadro, Emily Jaeckel, Jeffrey Matos, Molly Naef, Chatham Anastasi, Walker Ward along with Gemmiti will get the royal treatment as they walk the red carpet with Hollywood’s up and coming talent. We know we will all be rooting for them back here in Geneva!

Stephen Gemmiti had been toying around with the idea for a show about college for quite a while, especially with the shifting of television, offering shows that are racier and darker than they were ten years ago. He thought putting an edgy spin on his creation would allow for more compelling plots and fewer limitations.

“I wanted to make a show that would capture that moment we all share together on campus,” Gemmiti said. “ I felt as though my experiences in college and those of my peers weren’t being well-represented.”

Cast member, Walker Ward, told us a little about his experience while working for Young Adulterated on the other side of the camera. Ward heard about the auditions for a TV show during the spring of his freshman year in 2013.

“I wanted to be a part of it,” Ward said. “But Steve wouldn’t return my phone calls.”

Little did Ward know that Gemmiti was testing him to see if he could be aggressive enough to get what he wanted–just like the character Ward would be playing in the show. It worked. Ward thought the show would be played at Orientation for incoming first-years, but never dreamed that two years later it was going to be nominated for a College Emmy, let alone “Best Series.”

When we asked Gemmiti what he initially saw for the future of the show, he said, “When inspiration first strikes, you never imagine giving years of your life to an idea. I remember when the only long-term goal for Young Adulterated was to finish the screenplay, so it really blows my mind to still be here slaving away at it today.”

He sat down his six cast members and gave them an outline for the ‘year plan,’ which would conclude with the show being premiered in the Smith Opera House. Nearly 900 students joined together to see its debut last spring. Still, Gemmiti wasn’t satisfied with what he had shown on screen and wanted to keep pushing and improving upon his work. From the Smith Opera House last April, to Hollywood next month, it is clear that the hard work paid off for Gemmiti and his cast members. We all can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them!

Be sure to check out this link for future episodes of Young Adulterated!

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