Why Spring is the Best Time of the Year at HWS

Don’t get me wrong, I love my college all year round, but there’s just something about spring that makes me fall in love with my campus all over again.

1. Warm Weather

When I chose to go to college in upstate New York, I guess I never really contemplated the weather. The school year goes from unbearably hot, to chilly, to unbearably cold, to finally a nice seventy-degree day. Thinking of those seventy-degree days is what gets me through the extreme temperatures.

2. Days on the Quad

Honestly, if the school only gave tours in the spring, the number of applicants would dramatically rise. I don’t know a single student who doesn’t love sitting on the quad with their friends to listen to music or to throw a football around. When you think about any stereotypical college movie scene, there’s a group of friends hanging out on the quad and I love living that out in real life.

3. Lake Days

Arguably one of the biggest selling points of Hobart and William Smith Colleges is Seneca Lake. I love sitting on the docks and swimming with my friends. It’s one of the most peaceful things to do on campus either during the day or at night. At night it’s one of the best places to star gaze and makes you forget that you’re at college not on a summer vacation. Some students even rent pontoon boats on the weekend and spend all day just floating on the water. (“Yeah, Mom, I’ve been at the library all day!”)

4. Day Drinking

A favorite pastime of most college students is drinking. Now combine that with cute outfits and sunshine - sounds like a pretty perfect combination. College students especially love “darties” and HWS isn’t an exception. On the first beautiful day of spring you can find a darty on any street in Geneva where a college student lives.

5. Mr. Twistee’s Reopens

Some may call it overpriced, but others call it heaven. By the time students return from Spring Break, Mr.Twistee’s has reopened for the season. It is perfect on any sunny day or even as a homework break around 9pm.