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What HWS and Geneva Really Need

Although being a small town has its benefits, sometimes you just wish you had a few more of your favorite stores around. Here is a list of things that I wish we had in Geneva or a bit closer to HWS.


This is by far the thing I miss the most from home while I’m at school. When I go home it sometimes is my first stop before my house. It has literally everything from cute home décor, to clothes, to shoes, to cosmetics and food, they cover it all. All their stuff is so cute and always fairly reasonably priced. Even when you aren’t looking to buy something, it is just so therapeutic. I know I sound insane, but I definitely know there are others of you out there that can relate.

Chipotle or Moe’s

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we have Char Burrito Bar, but something about those chain Mexican restaurants is just that much better (besides Taco Bell, sorry). Chipotle has such a unique taste that is hard to match. Moe’s, on the other hand, will not disappoint with free chips and salsa for every meal. Chipotle just tried to contest Moe’s by adding queso to their menu. Will it work? We’ll find out…


If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life it would probably be Panera. Their ingredients are always fresh and the service is quick. It’s that perfect fast-food, yet healthy place to go when you want a good salad, sandwich, or soup but just don’t have the time to stop and sit. The Panera To Go app is also a game changer for other addicts like me.


I know I am having very high expectations right now, but with few places less that 45 minutes away from Geneva, how can I not. Sometimes you need to find something quick to go out in or wear to an event and the Waterloo Outlets just don’t cut it. Nordstrom literally has every brand and style imaginable. I honestly think I would be content if this was the only place to come to Geneva or close to Geneva on this list.

Better HWS / William Smith Apparel

Many of you have probably noticed that you always chose the Hobart apparel over that of William Smith. Is it the colors, the styles, or just the fact that its more well know that make Hobart apparel more appealing? I don’t know, but I do know that I never fall in love with anything in the bookstore that is for William Smith or HWS. If you’re like me you probably have bought a few William Smith things because you don’t have many, and you feel guilty because that is where you technically graduate from. 


Most of these restaurants and stores will take a while to come to Geneva if they come at all, but we can always hope they’ll come sooner rather than later. It’s honestly better for my wallet if they don’t.

Hi, I am Meredith! I am from upstate New York and love keeping up with the latest news and trends.
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