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To The Person Who Keeps Stealing My Food

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at HWS chapter.

Hi There,

I know this relationship started out with you pushing the boundaries, but they were small pushes. At first I didn’t even realize it. Then I began to notice the lid on my OJ not screwed on completely and it hit me…you’d been there this whole time. I tried to justify your actions, you were insanely thirsty when you drank my OJ, you were really hungry when you ate my food, you were drunk so you didn’t realize…but then you became more blatantly a thief. And maybe that’s my fault for not saying something when I first realized you were stealing my food. But honestly no matter how I slice it you knew when you took containers out of the fridge that had my name on them what you were doing. You knew and you didn’t care. Just like how you’ve never cared when you’ve taken everyone else’s things. See a good thief would know not to steal from the same place too many times; people start to talk and connect the dots. A good person on the other hand would know not to steal in the first place because that’s flat out wrong, because you’re not in crisis where this needs to happen, and because you didn’t pay for it. But that’s the thing, you’re just not “good” at either. But hold on you say, I’m good at not getting caught…again that’s where you’re wrong.



Hoping something here will make you smile. And while I'm being optimistic, maybe it'll even make you think a little.