Geneva's Best Hidden Treasures

As a freshman at HWS I never really took advantage of having a car on campus in terms of exploring Geneva. My sophomore year I started exploring a lot more and now after having a semester away from campus, I am finding myself rediscovering all my favorite treasures that Geneva has to offer. 


This is a really cute antique shop that also has very original jewelry and other unique crafts. My first time going here was two weeks ago, and it's a great way to waste an afternoon by wandering around the store for hours! 

Linden Social Club

Located on my favorite street in Geneva, this bar is very trendy and has such great drinks. This place is so underrated and is definitely worth checking out!

Luigi's Old World Market and Cafe 

This place is every college kids' dream, the perfect mix of comfort Italian food at a reasonable price. This is located where Joe's Hots used to be (RIP) and it is definitely an upgrade that more students need to check out.

Monaco's Coffee

This coffee shop is a great place to catch up with friends and to study! Monaco's opened up while I was still abroad and it was great to come back to Geneva and have another option off campus to go study as we all know that going to the library everyday gets old.

H.J. Stead Company 

Another favorite new treasure of mine located on Linden Street (seriously everyone needs to go there right now). The food here is too good to pass up!