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Fall Into This Season’s Wardrobe

The word fall easily evokes a smile to any New Englander’s face, as Halloween, foliage, warm apple cider, sweaters and boots come to mind. In theory, fall is a great season, and as it unfolds, so does the increasingly crisp air and the pulling out of your favorite sweaters from that forgotten drawer. But lets be real, transitioning between the sweltering summer heat and the chilling fall breezes can put us in a pretty confusing, and frankly awkward, position with what to wear. Would you rather have a hot flash in math class because you decided to wear a wool sweater, or do you want to pay homage to the Eskimos as you brace the cold wind in your sundress walking through the quad? Here are a few tips that will make your wardrobe transitions during fall a breeze.

1. Don’t break out your down winter parka the first day the temperature drops below 75. Or even a light winter coat. Just don’t do it; it admits defeat to the weather, and will make the temperatures when you actually do need a coat that much colder.

2. Layers are essential. You can pile them on to go outside and for the buildings still blasting AC, and conversely take off the appropriate layers when the last glimpse of the sun’s heat grazes you as you walk to class. 

3. Pay attention to what fabrics you’re wearing. It’s probably not in your best interest to wear cashmere and wool for a few more weeks, so for now stick to lighter fabrics that are more breathable.

4. What shoes you’re wearing makes a big difference. You lose a significant amount of your body heat through your feet, so on the colder days aim for shoes with socks, or ones that cover your feet. As it gets colder during October and November, you’ll be pulling on pants. But maybe keep the sandals on until that is completely necessary!

5. For most of us, clothes are about appearance before function. While I’m sure you had a crazy time at your summer rave in that neon tie dye crop top with the floral fringe, it’s time to give our eyes a rest and bring out more comfortable colors that suit the changing weather. Plaids are a classic fall staple, and natural hues of blue, brown, and orange will make you wonder why someone hasn’t delivered you a warm apple cider donut.

No need to fear the falling of leaves, or the last few warm days before winter arrives, be happy that you can now change your wardrobe with the chilly fall weather.  

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