Exploring Beyond Comfortability

If you're anything like me, you like to live in comfort. You like to reread the same books, rewatch the same television shows, and you don’t mind ordering the same dish at the same restaurant every time you go out to eat. I have lived my entire life in this comfortable bubble, and while I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, I also think a little push to expand beyond one’s contentment is always good.

I bask in the comfort of reviewing old books and movies. I have always wondered why I am like this, considering I have a bookshelf full of unread novels and an even longer list of Netflix shows that remain untouched. But when I looked at myself and my actions, I realize this is because of my comfortability in those medias. While I love discovering new stories, I preferred to watch the ones where I knew what was going to happen. You know the bad parts in books and movies where things go wrong and everything starts to go downhill and there becomes a big problem? Yeah, that is not fun for me. Thus, retreating back to old books and movies prevents any stress, as I already know it is going to be alright in the end.

There is nothing wrong with rewatching your old media, yet I do think it can be a fun challenge to find new stories. There is so much more that is undiscovered to you, and so many new characters or worlds or stories to learn. Plus, you can settle back into a somewhat comfortable zone if it's a television or book series, since you will have consistent characters or worlds. I encourage you to try something new and to expand beyond what you know. Maybe crack open that new book you bought a year ago but never read or watch that movie your best friend has been trying to get you to watch. You might gain a liking for this new media just as you had with your original comforts. It might become your new favorite. And if not, at least you can say you tried.

At some point, we all have to step out of our bubbles. I mean, isn’t that practically what every adult says to kids when they go to college or move out of their hometown for the first time? I encourage everyone to do the same with what they are viewing. Gain a new perspective and read something that can offer your mind something new. And if you are someone more daring than me who actually watches new shows and reads new books when you finish the last, I have a goal for you too. Try to expand even further beyond your comfort zone, whether that is reading nonfiction if you only read fiction, or maybe trying a show that you have barely even heard of. We can all benefit from seeing new perspectives every once in a while. What we view in media can extend to our views on society and learning more will always give us broader understandings of others. Plus, I can promise you that if you hate it, you can always return to your comforts… they will always be there waiting for your return.