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This past Sunday was the first “Dancing with The HWS Stars” event, which featured well known HWS students dancing with members of Kosher Dance Collective. The event showcased performances by Connor Hatch and Marie Innarelli, Dana Williams and Shaahida Samuel, Ella Calder and Elizabeth Strano, Harrison Wasserbauer and Chiara Favaloro, James Mandart and Shannon Hickey, Taner Bennerson and Tanina Urbanski, and Tyler Serafine and Morgan Drake. “Everyone was so talented! I loved seeing the choreography that they were able to come up with and perform,” said Dan Marsh ’17, who was in attendance that evening.

The performances were judged by a panel and the audience was then able to vote on the top three couples they wanted to perform again. The judges included Professor Kelly Johnson and Nicolas Stewart ’15, and talented emcees Cameron Ames and Kathryn Busa. Julia Dexter ’17 was happy to support fellow HWS students at the event, adding “I was really impressed with all of the talent at Dancing with the HWS Stars. Even the non-Koshare members were amazing!” At the end, Dana Williams ’16 and Shaahida Samuel ’16 won the prestigious mirror ball trophy for their awe-inspiring performance that was loved by many. The event was so successful that students are already talking about next year’s show. “Dancing with the HWS Stars was a really fun event. I hope I get the opportunity to participate next year!” said Jake Criss ’17. Congratulations to all students involved in this year’s show!