Cebo Restaurant Brings Delicious Local Food to Geneva

If you haven’t had a chance to check out a new restaurant, Cebo, on Linden Street near the Flounge, owned by Ben Dailey and Jen Yunits, definitely try out their fresh, locally grown food.

The restaurant is all about food as a powerful tool in creating a sense of community and comfortable environment around others. “Great food, great people, and great memories” are the foundation of Cebo.

The word “cebo” in Spanish can be defined in a variety of ways, including bait used to lure wild game, fodder, or food as fuel and nourishment. The multiple definitions of the word are used a reflection of Cebo’s project to serve “anything that is presented to entice.”

With seasonal menus for lunch and dinner, Cebo’s winter menu is sure to transition into its spring selection in the near future. On the winter menu, the pork burger and Linden Street burger were absolutely delicious.


Some of the other foods that Cebo serves include climbing bines IPA battered chicken and grilled duck egg salad as entrees for lunch, as well as parsnip frites and roasted carrots as sides. For dinner, Cebo serves burgers throughout the winter along with pork rib chops, pinot pot roast, gnocchi, chicken, and pork steak.

Cebo’s local partners include Red Jacket Orchards, Lake Drum Brewing, Microclimate Wine Bar, Stony Brook Oils, and Bostrom Farms. You can also find unique artwork and mirrors throughout the restaurant, as well as local food stickers for customers to take.

As Cebo’s spring menu comes in, be sure to enjoy an evening of delicious dinner with unique, distinct dishes that will surely satisfy your palate. To check out some of their foods, see this page, which has mouth-watering pictures of some of their main dishes.