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Campus Cutie: Kyler Murray ’19

Meet one of the newest members to the Hobart and William Smith community, Kyler Murray! This positive and upbeat fresh face on campus is ready to share with you some great stories, as well as his future hopes and dreams as this weeks Campus Cutie! 

“The Basics”

Name: Kyler Murray

Year: 2019

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Middletown, NY

Activities: Football, I do watch Netflix every night, eat at the Café on the regular, and go down to the lake, it’s so beautiful. I definitely want to get down there as much as possible before it gets cold.

Interested In: Women  

Relationship Status: Single

Describe Yourself in Three Words: Light-skin, athletic, and funny

Celebrity Crush: Zendaya, she’s gorgeous!



Place to Party: Honestly, I would say Tower

Place on Campus: The Lake

Animal: A Cheetah

Artist: The Weekend

Type of Food: Sushi

Movie: Love and Basketball

Favorite Class: My FSEM is actually my favorite class, which is Coming to America.  

Sport: Football

HC: How do you feel about being nominated as Campus Cutie?

KM: I’m honored, beyond words! All my friends were jealous actually when I was asked.

HC: What do you look for in a girl?

KM: Probably her eyes, because they are the first thing I look at. Also her personality, shy is kinda cute if we are just meeting for the first time, but standoffish isn’t bad especially if we already know each other. 

HC: Why did you choose HWS?

KM: Well Hobart has the best football team in Division III and honestly it was the only school that I got recruited by that had the best combination of academics and athletics.

HC: What is something on your bucket list?

KM: To skydive because I’m scared of heights.  

HC: What is something no one knows about you?

KM: I’ve broken every single bone except for my neck, back, and femur mostly because of playing football.

HC: What position do you play on the football team?

KM: I’m a receiver here at Hobart.  

HC: Who is your role model and why?  

KM: My big brother is my role model because he’s awesome and everything he does inspires me. He actually plays football at Courtland and I really wish we were able to play against each other.  

HC: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

KM: Successful and living on the West Coast probably in California. Not married, and being happy as I am enjoying what I do.  

HC: What is your most embarrassing moment?

KM: When I was six years old, my mom took me to the beach. We had just got there and I told her I really needed to go to the bathroom. She wanted to relax and not walk me all the way over to the restrooms, so she said go in the water to pee. My brother was with me and he had to go also, so we walked into the ocean, but only shin deep, pulled down our pants and started to pee. Everyone saw us and started laughing, but my mom was horrified and thinking back on it…so am I.

HC: What do you want to be remembered for at HWS?

KM: I want my Coaches to remember me as the player who put in the most work, never questioned what they asked of me, and gave everything to help the team. I want my professors to remember me as the student who always put in effort, willing to seek help, and who was well known and never in the shadows, I want them to know who Kyler Murray was. Finally, I want my peers to remember me as the positive kid that everyone wanted to be around, and who never had never a negative moment

Haleigh is a sophomore at Hobart and William Smith Colleges (HWS), where she is pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Media and Society with a minor in Writing and Rhetoric. In addition to being a writer for Her Campus, Haleigh is an avid skier, competing at nationals in Oregon and helping the Hobart and William Smith ski team to a spot in the top ten across the entire nation. She is also an active member of the William Smith Club Soccer Team as well as the Women’s Collective Club. Haleigh is obsessed with the TV show "30 Rock" and wants to be just like Tina Fey. Hence, she aspires to eventually be a comedy sketch writer for shows such as Saturday Night Live.
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