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Campus Celebrity: Bennett Moore ’18

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at HWS chapter.

Meet this week’s Campus Celebrity, Bennett Moore ’18! As a sophomore here at Hobart and William Smith, Bennett is an incredibly active student athlete on campus and in the community. If he is not on Boswell Field you can often catch him studying in the library. Read more to find out why Bennett was nominated this weeks Campus Celeb! 

Name: Bennett Moore

Year: 2018

Major: Economics

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

HC: What are you involved in at HWS?

BM: I am on the Hobart Lacrosse Team, involved in the Second Chances Prison Education Club, I am in the Investment Club, I also am a Student Director on the SAA Board of Trustees, more so I am apart of the Day of Service Club, I am apart of the Orange Key Honors Society program, and this year I was an Orientation Mentor for the Class of 2019.

HC: What motivates you to get involved?

BM: I think it’s a great way to meet new people while getting involved within the community!

HC: What are some challenges being a student athlete and participating in extracurricular activities on campus? What are the benefits?

BM: Time management is a huge aspect of being involved, though it’s difficult, I have truly mastered it and it’s a skill that I’ll carry on in life.

HC: When did you start playing lacrosse and why did you choose to play for Hobart?

BM: I started playing when I was six and have been in love with the sport since. I choose Hobart because you get all the academic experiences that you find at a D3 school, but with a D1 lacrosse program, which for me is the best of both worlds. More so, Hobart Lacrosse has an incredible historical background which I only hope to add on to. 

HC: What’s your favorite thing about HWS?

BM: I enjoy the friendly liberal arts environment with the small classes sizes that HWS offers. The lake is certainly a perk of the school as well!

HC: Describe your daily routine.

BM: I wake up, remove the earplugs from my ears due to the construction behind my dorm, get dressed and then gather all the material that I need for the day and place it in my backpack. After that, I typically force down some yogurt and granola and head off to my classes comfortable that I have completed all my work from the night before. Around noon I go to lunch with some friends on my team and after I head to the quad to relax for just a few minutes. After I commonly find myself in a cube alone on the third floor of the library. Upon completing all of my work I head to practice with my roommate and his little brother. Then once a solid 3-hour practice is completed I go to Saga for a nice five star meal and proceed to Saga sit. If my schedule is open I watch a movie with my friends, get ice cream or call my mom!

HC: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

BM: Getting a career back home in downtown Baltimore City hopefully doing something I enjoy.

HC: What’s your dream job?

BM: My dream job would be handling the top-secret documents in the United States. I want to know about everything that no one else knows about.

HC: What’s your biggest achievement in your life so far?

BM: Convincing my dad to buy me a cop car.

HC: Who do you lookup to?

BM: My dad! He’s the most responsible and morally correct person that I know who holds me up to the highest standards.

HC: Any words of advice for first years?

BM: Keep track of your snack money. But on a serious note, meet as many people as you can, your friends from your first year are your typically some of your closest friends! 

Now for some fun questions!!!

HC: Favorite place on campus?

BM: Stoop outside D-Block by the Quad. 

HC: Cam’s or Mark’s Pizza?

BM: Cam’s

HC: Dunkin’ Donuts or Tim Hortons?

BM: Dunkin’ Donuts

HC: Mr. Twistees or Cold Stones?

BM: Mr. Twistees

Ali Burns is a Sophomore at Hobart and William Smith Colleges (HWS) and is a member of the William Smith Lacrosse team. Along with writing for Her Campus she is involved with working at school sporting events, as well as volunteering with Geneva Neighborhood society, Thrive to Survive and local schools. She lives in Hingham, Massachusetts and loves going to the beach. Her aspiration in life is to become a Sports Broadcaster!