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Campus Celebrity: Alessandra Patrizio

“And now for you starting lineup: A junior from Wynnewood Pennsylvania, number 12 Alessandra Patrizio!” *and the crowd goes wild*

Her Campus was honored to have another chance to talk with Al Patrizio, after she was interviewed as a Campus Cutie last year. Now she is back again as a Campus Celebrity! This student-athlete earned Liberty League offensive Player of the Week multiple weeks in a row and even led the NATION in goals for Women’s Field Hockey during the 2015 season. Her incredible athletic skills and friendly personality certainly have contributed to her being a Campus Celebrity.

Name: Alessandra Patrizio

Year: Junior

Hometown: Wynnewood, PA

Major: Psychology

HC: Why did you choose HWS?

AP: I choose HWS because I wanted to play field hockey at a rigorous academic school and I love the lake. 

HC: What’s it like being apart of a team here at HWS?

AP: It’s an awesome experience, my team is my squad! Being on a team allowed me to meet a lot of new people and people you know that will have your back no matter what. I can truly call them my family.

HC: What was it like leading the nation in goals for field hockey?

AP: As much as it’s seen as a personal accomplishment, I really credit my team because all of their hard work is what made it possible. It’s truly something I will never forget and will always cherish, for me it also shows that anything is possible with determination and heart.  

HC: What’s your favorite memory throughout your field hockey career so far?

AP: Getting revenge on Ursinus College this past year!

HC: What makes the team unique?

AP: We have a lot of fun at practice and still work hard and get stuff done!

HC: Who’s your role model?

AP: Beyoncé. She works hard and is perfect at anything and everything she does. 

HC: If you could choose one walkout song what would it be and why?

AP: “My Goodies” by Ciara because the other team needs to know what is about to hit them. 

Fun facts!

Biggest pet peeve: When people don’t wash their hands. 

Favorite spot on campus: Saga on Thursdays with Katie B and Cyd

Favorite team ritual: Our pre-game pump up. I can’t tell you the details but it gets pretty rowdy.  

Favorite team moment:  When Cory didn’t drink her Cherribund my freshman year on the bus. We can laugh about it now, but cried about it back then. 

Ideal date: My ideal date is Mark’s Pizza with a side of ranch and a romantic stroll back to campus. 

Celeb crush: Liam Hemsworth

Single/Taken: Single 

Best class: Introduction to Italian — because I can finally have conversations with my Nonna! 

Ali Burns is a Sophomore at Hobart and William Smith Colleges (HWS) and is a member of the William Smith Lacrosse team. Along with writing for Her Campus she is involved with working at school sporting events, as well as volunteering with Geneva Neighborhood society, Thrive to Survive and local schools. She lives in Hingham, Massachusetts and loves going to the beach. Her aspiration in life is to become a Sports Broadcaster!
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