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Can you believe it’s half way through the semester already? And we all know what that means … we are rewarded with more work, exams and essays than we would ever wish on our worst enemies. This much studying can be taxing and it is difficult to not over-caffeinate during this time (unavoidable but why not try?). Try some of these tips to help make mid-terms a bit more survivable.

1. Take a deep breath, and go for a ten minute walk in the fresh air. The air will waken you up and help clear your mind. Study sessions can go for hours and sitting in the same place will just make you anxious or sleepy. Get up and have your study group go for a quick walk to look over the frozen lake or just go by yourself! Either way you will get more out of ten minutes of fresh air than you would stuck in the same seat.

2. Make YOU time. Whether that’s you giving yourself a ten-minute facial, creating a new board on Pinterest, or painting your nails, give yourself a little pampering during these stressful times! Your body and mind will thank you.

3. Make a study treat! Move the studying to your dorm or house and as a pre-study session grab a roll of cookie dough and make some yummy treats! As they cook you can begin your studying and know there’s a reward at the end! Delicious and fun while not taking away from your studies.

4. Don’t skip out on the gym. We all can see during mid-terms and finals weeks that the gym basically empties out. Resist the urge to say “I’m just too busy!” or “It’s only for finals week.” No excuses ladies. Thirty minutes on the treadmill will keep your body moving and help get your blood pumping. It will also help you resist binge eating while studying. A win-win situation.

5. Don’t skip meals. No one likes a hangry (hungry/angry) study buddy. If you feel like you don’t have time to go to the café or sit down for a regular meal then bring it with you! Skipping meals just leads to you being tired, hungry, and overall unhappy. Don’t skip out on brain fuel!

6. Get some Zzzzzz. Set your alarm (or alarms…) for a twenty-minute time-slot. Sometimes it only creates more problems when you try and keep your eyes open after an all-nighter. Close your eyes, and take a beautiful twenty-minute nap. After it you’re guaranteed to feel better about your workload and life in general.

7. Jam it out. A little to antsy? Hate the ever-present silence? Turn up your speakers (or put in your headphones) and listen to your favorite artist. Whether you like to pump-up before you start studying again or need a little chill music to calm your nerves, let your mind relax and enjoy a music break.

8. Avoid social media. Studying can take way longer than it needs to when your checking your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites. Use the SelfControl app to help avoid these distractions and help you ace that midterm! If you don’t feel like downloading an app then just shut your devices off and hide them in your bag or have a friend change your passcode so only they can get in. Lower the distractions and enhance the study time!

Different things are going to work for different people. If you don’t know what works for you then try out something new! Ask your friends how they study or try anything you haven’t on this list. In the end remember that midterms will come and go but you know what happens right after them? SPRING BREAK! So buckle down everyone and do your best! We are almost there and know your hard work will be rewarded with home cooked food, endless Netflix in your bed, and if your are lucky, even some warm weather!

Good luck everyone!

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