6 Books to Read before Their Upcoming Movie Adaptions

In the upcoming year, tons of very popular books are making their way to the big screen. Whether that screen be Netflix on your laptop at home or on the projector at a movie theater, here are a few books definitely worth reading before you see them on film!


Before I begin, I want to provide a few honorable mentions that have already been released in 2020 but still are both great books and movies. These include Little Women, PS I Still Love You (aka To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Part 2), and Where’d You Go Bernadette.

  1. A new vision on the Jane Austen novel, Emma is about a young woman named, you guessed it, Emma and follows her life among friends and family in Georgian era England. With Anya-Taylor Joy, previously in Split, as Emma, this will sure bring a new light to the classic piece.

  2. While still quite under wraps, it is confirmed that a new Dune movie is in the works. This is an exciting announcement since the previously 1984 edition was so negatively received. Even better, the famed Timothée Chalamet will be playing Paul, a young man on a planet know as Arrakis. A science fiction favorite, Dune is definitely worth reading before the film comes out later this year.   

  3. Perhaps one of the best childhood favorites, Call of the Wild follows a dog named Buck as a mail-delivery dog in Alaska. With Harrison Ford playing main character John Thornton, it will be sure to bring love to this cherished tale.

  4. Another childhood favorite, The Witches has a star-studded cast including Anne Hathaway, Octavia Spencer, Stanley Tucci, and Chris Rock. The classic childhood film will follow a little boy as he meets a group of witches while staying with his grandmother and will be the second adaption of this film, prior to the 1990 edition.

  5. My favorite book on this list, All the Bright Places is a dramatic coming-of-age novel following two high school teenagers who bond during their project to explore their home state. This emotional, loving tale has both Elle Fanning and Justice Smith as the two main characters and will be on Netflix, which is super accessible. However, I will offer a quick trigger warning as the book discusses many emotionally difficult issues and I am sure the movie will too.

  6. A unique book on this list, I Am Not Okay With This is a graphic novel which follows a teenager grappling with the ins and outs of high school, sexuality, and her family and friends. A recent and very much so relatable novel, this movie comes out on Netflix and will be very exciting and interested to watch.