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5 Easy Halloween Costumes for 2017

As the year is flying by, Halloween is just around the corner! The stress of finding a costume is overwhelming. Here are some ideas to help you out! 


Being an alien is a very popular costume of choice, and it is super cute! This costume can go by itself or with a group of friends. All this requires are a tank top and some funky leggings that are totally available on Amazon Prime. The best part of this costume is the excessive glittery makeup you can wear to top off the look.

Angel and Devil

Need a costume for you and your best friend? Angel and devil it is! This costume is quick and easy, if you have anything white in your closet, you’re the angel. If you have anything black or red, you’re the devil. To add to this outfit purchase or borrow a head piece for both the angel and the devil. This is the perfect outfit for a night with your best friend on Halloweekend!


Jerseys of any kind are the easiest costume to put together. This outfit can be done alone but is also very cute in groups of friends. Ask around for a large jersey and you’re all set!


A vampire costume is for someone who has a lot of black clothes in their closet. For this outfit you can wear a black skirt, pants, or shorts with a black crop top or body suit! Add some fake blood on your body and you’re all set for Halloweekend!

School girls

This is the time to take our your high school uniforms and put them to good use! Plaid skirts and white button down shirts are the ultimate guide to your school girl costume for this Halloween. Plus knee-high socks and those ballet flats you never wear!

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