5 Broadway Shows You Should Know!

In 2015, Hamilton brought the general public to the musical scene as Phantom of the Opera once did. While Hamilton is incredible, there are tons of other good shows on Broadway as well. Plus, you can usually score their tickets for much cheaper! If you are someone who loved listening to Hamilton, or other Broadway favorites such as Dear Evan Hansen, Wicked, or Waitress, here’s a list of a few more shows currently on Broadway that I am sure you will love too!


1. Anastasia


Anastasia opened in early 2017 and is based on the movie with the same name. The musical begins by describing the legend of Grand Duchess Anastasia, a young girl who may have narrowly escaped the execution of her family by the Bolsheviks. Fast forward to a decade later, two con men attempt to find an imposter to pose at Anastasia. They meet an amnesiac orphan named Anya, who seems like a perfect fit to play the imposter. The rest is a perfect blend of love, kindness, and the importance of family. It is the perfect musical for any history lover, plus Christy Altomare (who plays Anya) is an angel on and off the stage.


2. Be More Chill


Be More Chill could be best defined as a cult musical: once you are in, you’ll never want to leave.  Based on a book by Ned Vizzini, who also wrote It’s Kind of a Funny Story, the musical follows a group of high school teens who are just trying to fit in. In an attempt to be popular, they take a mysterious drug called SQUIP, which places a tiny robotic voice in their brain that dictates what they do. Be More Chill’s techno-pop soundtrack and relatable characters and lyrics makes this a great show for anyone who has experienced the hell that is high school. This show will beginning previews on Broadway in early 2019.


3. Come from Away


Arguably the most heart-warming musical on this list, Come from Away is perfect for anyone who needs a good cry. The musical describes the true events that occurred when a small town in Newfoundland, Canada needed to accommodate 38 planes that were forced to land there on September 11th, 2001. The town comes together to welcome the 7,000 passengers with nothing but support. Following heartbreak and fear, Come from Away describes how even the worst clouds can have a silver lining of hope. Plus, all of the characters have the real names of people who shared their stories of their week spent in Gander, Newfoundland.


4. Mean Girls


Mean Girls is based on the iconic teen film with the same name. The best part is Tina Fey helped write the script for the musical as well. For anyone who isn’t aware of the movie, it follows Cady Heron, a teen who ventures public school for the first time since moving from Africa. Along with two other friends, she tries to take down the three most popular girls in school by infiltrating their lives and pretending to be their friend. Mean Girls: the Musical is just as good as the movie, and perfect for any fans who grew up with the movie as a staple of their childhood.


5. Once on this Island

Once on this Island is an incredible musical with an amazing message. It follows a young girl trapped on an island who uses the power of love to bring together islanders stratified by their social classes. The staging is a circle with seats on all sides of the stage, so you’re always guaranteed a good seat. Not to mention, they have adorable live goats as part of the show. Once on this Island is empowering and moving, and your faith in humanity will be restored after seeing this show.